Tuesday, May 18, 2010


SweetPea's Heaven has been a little shaken these past few weeks.
First with my son.
Then my husband.
Son is still in jail. Most think, how awful, I think it's a safe place for him to be. He will have a chance to sober up and think a little. It's tough love, it hurts like hell but must be done to help him realize there are consequences in life. Do I love him? Yes with all my heart! Someday things will be different, not necessarily perfect but hopefully better.
Now for our scare. Bear somehow came in contact with someone that had or carried the viral spinal meningitis virus!! He was extremely sick, felt like he could possibly die, maybe even wanted to a few times. He was in the hospital for 5 days and then came home for a week to recover. Thank goodness it was the viral not bacterial. Both can be fatal but the latter of the two is more so than the other. Bear received great care during his stay. He had all sorts of doctors and nurses to care for him, but that didn't stop me from wanting to be by his side. He insisted that I stay home and make my trip to see my Mom for Mother's Day. I was torn in two inside, tried to put a smile on my face to hide the worried eyes. Bear is still weaker than he likes but he has to realize there was a major viral infection in his body and it takes time to bounce back. I am just thankful he's here with us! Thankful to hear his voice, see his face, to be able to reach out and touch him. He's a wonderful, strong man and I don't know what I'd do without him. Our Bear is back to work in the big city.
While Bear was home we had our bear visitors. They have been wreaking havoc on my bird feeders. They are all so beautiful, and we love to watch them but the bears have got to go! Have you ever been woken up out of a dead sleep by the sounds of " Get out of here bear!! BOOM BOOM!!" (gun shots)? Well til last week I hadn't! Another morning shots fired again to try to deter yet another bear! Then last night around 9:15 while on the phone saying good night to Bear, we had another one come in! Aye!! I told him the bears in, went to get the shotgun. Opened the door and fired twice with the girls yelling in the background for the bear to leave! I am all about living in the woods and watching the animals but those bears,they scare me! They are huge and can easily hurt one of us. If we can't deter it from coming in we may just have a bear rug on the wall! I would love it!! As for the bird feeders they are now 10 foot in the air on a cable system my hubby made up for us! What a great idea! The first time we put it up, it wasn't high enough, darn bear can sure stretch! Now I think we got it. We think the bear count on our property is 5! Yikes!! There is the boar, sow, 2- 2year old cubs, and then a baby cub possibly born this winter! We applied for our permit the other day, hoping for a chance to shoot one.
Bear and I took the girls fishing on the last and only nice day he was home. They all skunked me! But I just kept watching them interact with tears thanking God for being able to see those sights! We finished our day with a little fire, roasted some dogs, and of course S'mores! It was a perfect day! Pixie said so and that she didn't want it to end!
Hope you have been able to take time to look around and enjoy the people and beauty that surround you.
Til' next time

P.S. I had pictures to add to this but they wouldn't upload :(


  1. I am so glad things are going better and your hub is on the mend. What a huge scare! I am so sorry this happened but what a relief he is doing better. Are you okay? Whew. Not fun.
    I would be freaked having those bears hanging around. Thank goodness for having your gun right?
    I hope things get better for your son. Really tough times for him but and I hope where he is helps him. This is so tough on you. I feel for you girl!
    Maybe you need some donkeys. I hear they make great "guard dogs"!

  2. Amy
    Things are better here. I am ok. Just really thankful hubby is alright!
    I have my gun ready for the next time the pesky bears come in.
    I don't want donkeys, I'll take my horses and dogs please?! That is as soon as I can get the fences up and shelter built. Patience isn't my strong suit.
    Hope all is good with you and your family. Our scare is nothing compared to yours. Give everyone hugs and say hello for me and the girls.