Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's been almost a week and I am getting use to the hair.  I have been spoiled by Ellie doing my hair for so long and loving it everytime I left her shop.  Now that some friends have let me know what they think and I have washed my hair and styled it, as Becky would say "I be a smoken' girl!". Ha ha ha.  But really it looks better and the colors are pretty but it was a shock to have super blond highlights again.  At one point in my life I had blond so blond that it was almost platinum!  I have a picture somewhere that shows it, if I get brave one day I will post it.  I loved that blond hair but it was a lot to keep up on.

Anyhow!  It's fall and I am loving the temps and colors that are starting to form on our trees.  We are lucky to live in an area with seasons and an ever changing climate that give us such beauty.  I started my fall decorating, wahoo!  Can't wait til next week when the corn maze is open.  We get our pumpkins and corn stalks from them as well as entertainment.  They have the maze of course, tractor ride with beautiful scenery, decorations, farm animals, and much more.  We went 3 times last year and had a blast!  I hope to be inspired by a friends yard soon.   She is one that decorates her yard for fall, and Christmas every year, we just love it!  Miss being able to look over there to see what all she has going on.  

Stop and take a look around, take in all the beauty that God and Mother Nature have provided you with.