Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Beginnings

Time for a new beginning to our lives.
We started this dream earlier in the summer and now it's become a reality.
The hubby, two of our 3(4) kids and I will partake in the newest chapter of moving to DA U.P.,eh!

Welcome to Sweet Pea's Heaven!
Sweet pea is my nickname from my husband.
Here we have, Sweet pea(me), Bear(husband), MarBear(daughter), Pixie(youngest daughter). Wayla(oldest daughter that has moved on to college), and Noodle Man(My Son, lives with his father).

For a long time now I have referred to our 23 acres in the U.P. of Michigan
as Heaven.
The peacefulness and serenity is something I read about in books and will now live in
The way of life up here is rough to some, but oh so beautifully laid back to others.
As a young child, my father would drag(my word then)me to the U.P.
to see all the sights. I look back on those days and smile now. All good memories
of coming to Heaven for short stays. All the gorgeous waterfalls and hills and copper mines,
etc. that my Dad took me to then, I hope to get my daughters to see the beauty in nature.
Thanks to my father then and to my husband now for helping me to live the dream.
I hope that my children will appreciate what they have around them and take with them when they grow.
As things grow and change here I hope to post pictures of our little slice of this place we have come to call "Sweet Pea's Heaven".Also just to keep friends and family posted on what's up in our world.
More to come when we get settled into life in the north country.