Friday, January 7, 2011


Have a question for anyone out there that might be reading.
My Mr. Gentle Gemini has not been so gentle the past couple days.
I have been trying to work with him and my mare on their herdy habit!
My mare did good for the most part.  Only got a little nervous around the truck and when she saw Gem.
I started on Wednesday of this week with the same way I started with her.
Except I could not get him to move an inch!  I tried with the bit in and with just the halter and lead.
I even had a convincer and he still wouldn't move.
He instead decided to throw his head, pin his ears and try to bite me!
I kept trying, didn't give up.  Got frustrated and left him alone for a bit.  Went back to him and he started the same thing.  I put the mare inside and he was finally convinced to move!
By this time I was so tired, we worked for a few minutes more and I turned him loose.
I went out again yesterday with some determination and he did the same thing but much worse.
He chased my mare everywhere, he bucked and kicked at her.  She turned around and kicked him!  Bugger deserved it after picking on her!
I thought we should end it for the day and try again today.  Oh boy!  I either really made him mad or he is hurting somewhere and I can't see it.
I went back out to see if he would at least let me near him to see if I could feel any sore spots. Couldn't feel any but right behind his right front leg makes him pin his ears and try to bite.  He got ahold of my coat this time!!  Good thing I have a baggy carhart, otherwise he would have had my arm too!
So my question(s) is this.  Is this a sign that he's angry with me?  Is he in pain?  What is it? Is he thinking I am trying to take him away from her?  Please give advice.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working With My Animals

It's winter here in Heaven.  We had cold temperatures, then a warm up.  Now we are back to single digit nights and maybe 20's during the day.  Makes working with the animals a little harder but it's worth it.  Hauling water is a tad difficult but what can you do when you don't have water in the barn yet?!  You have to haul it. We have a big stock tank with a heater in it so now instead of hauling the buckets from the house this silly girl dips the bucket in the tank and takes it in.  Thanks Bear for the suggestion.
Yesterday I tacked up my mare and we tested her listening skills while being separated from Gemini.  For the most part she did really well.  Until she saw that he was loose in the paddock!  She started her spinning and back up routine. Once we calmed down she was ready to listen again.  Gemini was throwing what I call a hissy fit because she was out and he wasn't.  Today will be his turn to make sure he will listen too.  Found out that my mare is not real crazy about being close to a vehicle running or not.  She did well with all of the other areas, doesn't spook easily but is very alert to her surroundings.  We even did a walk through the archway and she walked under it like it was nothing.  Gemini is a little taller than her so I'm not sure if he will go through there.  Even though they have only been together for a short time, they are already attached.  That's why we need to work on separating them.  I can't ride both of them at the same time and would love to be able to take one for a ride and know they will be just fine and not leave me laying on the ground somewhere along the trail just to get back to one another. Any idea's of how to cure a buddy sour horse?  We walked away and turned back several times, walked out of his sight and back to him.  He didn't like it but we have to work on it.  Today will be Lokey's test to see how big of a fit she will throw, and how well I can get Gemini to listen to me.  Hopefully we will end on a good note.
My Mare is still the boss when it comes to following the rules of being nice to Momma!  She lets him know it too!  He bullies her out of the hay though.  That's ok, I just move it to where she is to make sure she gets her share.  Big bully!  Had the vet and farrier out on Monday.  Funny how their opinions differ.  They are both horse owners too.  Vet did their health exams and coggins tests.  Praying for a negative result.  I know Gemini is clear and almost positive Lokey is but there will be a wait and see on both!  Vet said they both look and sound good, wahoo!  However my chunky little mare needs to lose weight.  I knew that was coming, but believe it or not, she's lost weight since she's been here.  Put her on a diet of straight grass hay without alfalfa and clover.  The hay she was eating was good but it had too much alfalfa and clover in it for her.  She foundered last summer/fall before we got her so she gets no grain, just hay.  In talking with the farrier, which had Lokey at her farm last summer, we thought we should try beet pulp for her at night since Gemini was use to getting grain.  She loves it with a little bit of molasses drizzled on it, almost like an oatmeal for horses.  Anyway, she is doing great!  Farrier couldn't believe how good she looked and how much she's trimmed down.  She took off more toe this time and let me tell you Lokey is movin' and groovin'.  Have you ever heard the song "I Feel Good"?  Well that's how she is moving, running around and playing with Gemini, rolling in the snow!  To think just a couple months ago, she could hardly walk.  I am so thankful she is doing better and we can take care of her.  Such a sweet girl and Gemini is a total sweetheart too.  He is the only horse I've met that will lick your hand as a sign of affection.  Lokey hugs you with her head and kisses your cheek by moving her lips.  We really were blessed with two great animals.  While the vet was here I learned that Gemini has a snip on his upper lip.  She was putting his markings on the form and noticed it.  Which inspired me to take pictures of all their special markings.  They both like to steam up my lens with their breath.  One of my favorite markings on Lokey is her fuzzy pink lip.  On Gemini, it's his little white snip by his big brown eye.
I'll leave you with some photo's and wish for a Happy New Year!