Friday, April 9, 2010


Been asking myself why alot lately. Even when I know what the answer will be.

Why do bad or good things happen?

Why can't people be honest and tell you if they are upset by something you said or did?

Why do friends or family not pick up the phone when you call?
Why don't they return calls or today's communication, a text message?

Why do people get so self absorbed into their own lives that they don't take time to
look up and take notice they aren't the only one in the world?

Why do people get cancer, parkinson's, arthritis, copd, and all other disease's?
Why do people faint?

Why can't God stop all the terrible diseases?

Why am I here?

Why do birds sing?

Why do fuzzy puppy bellies make me smile?
Why does Bear have to leave??Why does it snow in April?Why is it when I look into this horses I eye, I feel as though I know how she feels, and what she thinks?

Why does she misbehave so badly when her owner is about?

Why, Why, Why????

I sound like a 2 year old, I know.

But the thing is I have many questions that I have been putting up to God. He is responding and if I can be patient and listen I will get my answers. The listening is the easy part, patience is something I have worked extremely hard on for the past few years. In fact that use to be my Mom's favorite word for me, because as a child and young adult I had zero patience. She'd tell me patience when I'd get frustrated, and I'd just get angry. Why is that? I don't have an answer for that.

I need to be patient and listen, and watch for God's answers.

Till next time..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mother Nature is up to no good...

Ya know old lady I am really getting tired of your old tricks!
We go from 75 degrees and sunny on Monday to 30 degrees and 2 inches of snow by Thursday!
What is going on here? You think it's funny? We sure don't!!!!
Snow in northern Michigan isn't unusual by any means but it's suppose to be Spring not Winter.

Ok I got that out of my system. It's beautiful but we are ready for Green grass and flowers.

Till next time....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's been up here in the u.p.

Bear was busy before he left to go back to work. He’s been off for an extended period of time which is unusual for his occupation. We put up the swing set, got our bikes out, moved our fire pit, split wood, packed up his trailer, went for rides on the old Sportster, and celebrated Easter.

As always we were all sad anticipating Bear’s departure. W
he n he’s been home for longer periods the more difficult it is for all of us. As the countdown gets close r the more emotional all of us get. We take time to look at things, do things together, just be a family for the las t hours we have left together. There were tears, laughter, followed by more tears. Bear and I are wanting him to retire soon or find work closer to home. He was able to truly enjoy his time off, he relaxed, watched tv, hunted, fished and ma de us all nuts some days. He gets tired of being on the road and staying in motels, eating out, and most important being away from his family. He waited many, many years for his own family and now he has it. It hurts him more than anyone knows to leave us behind so he can go to work. We all know it’s what he has done for the past 30 some years of his life but n ow that he has all his wants and needs in one place he hates to leave. He has a place to call home, a wife, and kids that he is unable to be with as much as most people take for granted! I too have wanted the family life we cherish when we are lucky to get it. I longed for dinners together at a normal time, taking the time to enjoy the kids growing up, doing things together even if that means doing nothing at all but cuddling on t he couch. Bear made it safe to his destination, driving all night just so he could spend more time at home. I understand why he does that but I worry more about him driving into the wee hours of the morning. Speaking of worrying about him, he went in for his yearly physical a couple days before he left. He’s been talking to me about having trouble catching his breath sometimes. In talking with the Dr. she ordered chest x-rays just to be safe. He has worked with Asbestos in the early years without the proper protection because they didn’t know the bad health effects it would have on people. He’s worried about the mesthelioma that is plastered on our tv on a daily basis. It’s something real and true that scares the crap out of me! He took the paperwork with him and ho pefully will have the x-rays done soon, and I pray there isn’t anything there!

While he was home, he was able to shoot a deer. Good thing too since we have to venison crazed girls. He tried his hand at ice fishing but was unsuccessful, darn fish where the heck were you hiding?! But that’s ok we made it through with store bought fish!

Our unseasonably warm temperatures have been wonderful to say the least. We got out bikes and jump ropes and soccer balls. Anything to get outside in the sun. Thank goodness it’s mostly dried up around here. We got the swing set up in half the time it took me last year by myself ( a little help from my oldest when she got home.). YEAH!! Girls were so happy to have another thing to play on. They now have all sorts of different objects to play on, in and around. The island or sanctuary as they call it has been taken over by them and their imaginations. It’ s great to see them playing and enjoying the outdoors. We moved our fire pit to a better location for us to enjoy. Bear made sure we would have plenty of wood for fires to come. That warm April 1st night, we had a little fire with the girls, roasted hot dogs, ate outside and of course m ade s’mores!! What a great day!!!!

Our poor old sportster made it through another ride. Poor girl is 32 years old and is still carrying our fat bottoms around! We keep saying we need a bigger bike and more com
fortable seat for sure. But why, we aren’t able to ride but 100 miles in a year if we’re lucky. Kind of a waste if you ask me until he retires or works closer to home. Mare Bear was t he lucky girl to get the first ride of the year, lucky bum! Beautiful sunshiny day! Next was my turn, we road for a couple hours. Let me tell you, my butt was screaming by the time we stopped. We both love to ride and have that time together but wow does your body tell you to lose some weight or get a more comfy seat! (He he he) Pixie got her ride the next day. The girls were so excited that they can now reach the foot pegs which means they can ride with Dad! The smiles and laughs and squeals were all music to my ears and eyes. Sporty is back in the garage in hopes of another ride yet this year. Stay tuned for future posts on her.

We had our Easter dinner on Saturday since I wasn’t sure how long Bear would be here on Easter Sunday. I bought a different type of ham this year in hopes of it being better than last years and boy was it! Yummy!! We will have to buy that type again next year. Easter Sunday morning, kids were up and quiet. The Easter Bunny brought them lots of goodies and Bibles and books. Perfect for Mare since she just found out she needed reading glasses, got them and can now focus better while reading. Us lazy butt adults crawled out of bed around 9 to find our daughters reading and being quiet. Why is that? Pixie is usually bouncing off the walls Easter morning!! Hmm, babies are growing up,, wahhhhhh.. I made them all breakfast. We hung out for a while and then helped Bear pack up. He spent some alone time outside getting mentally ready to leave as he always does. It’s so hard on him. Then I made some super yummy scalloped potatoes with ham!! YUM!! We all ate them except for Pixie, she doesn’t like them and says they give her a tummy ache. She ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes and 2 rolls, goofy girl but at least she didn’t go away hungry!

Yesterday was so gorgeous, I laid on the deck in the hot sun! Love it!
I am always in amazement of the beauty and tranquility around me here. It’s just so different from where I lived most of my life. I often question why wasn’t I here instead of there all my life. Somehow, it’s all been like this is where we belong, it’s all right! Does that make sense?
Hope you take the time to notice things and hold the ones you love dear to your heart closer than ever!
Till next time…