Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Been a while

Well let's see my last post was at the end of July, it is now the middle of October!  Where did all the time go?  What have we been doing?  Well time flies when you're havin' fun!
We had two 4H horse shows, school started, trail rides, home work, cheerleading for football, riding lessons, walking the track after school, practicing speed on the horses.  See a pattern here?  Oh and, da ta da da, we have another horse in our herd.  He's a 22 year old, buckskin quarter horse.  He was suppose to be for my hubby, well the little pixie got on him first.  Well the rest is history, he's now her horse.  They are a wonderful match for one another.  Marion took over my first horse, Loci.  We still have Mr. Black Jack, even if he is a bit unruly at times.  He bit my arm, left a large lump and bruise.  We worked through that and now he's decided he is BUDDY SOUR  with our mare.  Oh this is not fun!  Tried saddling him the other night after the girls were already out and riding their horses.  Well let me tell you I cussed like a sailor at that horse!  He had me so angry I was at the point of wanting to sell him again, yes again!  He danced all over, kicked the barn, tossed his head, and tried to bite me again!!!  I gave up.  I know it's one of the worst things you can do, because they think all they have to do is be an a$$ and you will give up.  I didn't want to get hurt, and I could see that's where it was going.  Soooooo, I told the girls that if they want Momma to ride with them, then they have to wait for me to saddle the butthead first.  Yes I told them they have to wait for me.  Wait is not in a child's vocabulary is it?  Ya know if he weren't so easy to ride once I get on him, he'd be gone already!  He is the easiest horse I've ever ridden once mounted.  It's the getting there that sometimes is awful!  I am open to suggestions of what to do with him. HELP?!?!  We have worked on the ground and he listens there.  He listens when I'm on him.  When we separate the two of them is when he starts to get all squirrely.
The baby paint/clydesdale is growing like a weed.  She's huge, and beautiful.  Oh my the little sassy thing has stolen my heart.  She grew out of her first halter already and is now on her second.  We wanted her in hot pink but they don't have the color in her size, so she is in raspberry.  She is ready to be weaned which ought to be interesting.
Hope all is well with you.