Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Visiting Fall

Our Indian Summers seems to have left us now as fall settles in all it's splender. As I look around at all the glorious color surrounding us, I have to stop and take it all in. All of the yellow to orange and red catching my eye as I have camera in hand.
Girls have come accustom to watching the critters outside. We have 3 bucks and one doe along with all of the birds, squirrels and Alvin(the chipmunk), that come in regularly to munch on our corn. There of course are the nocturnal animals such as the Raccoon family that stumbled into our corn. Also found out there is a bear roaming around our property. Yes you read that right, it's not blurry, we have a BIG BLACK BEAR here in heaven, imagine that! Caught him on the trail camera coming through at night too! Imagine my surprise when I was downloading the pictures and this big black image shows up! The porcupine is no longer with us, yes this critter is not a welcome addition to our wildlife. It's quills can hurt other animals not to mention they destroy the trees. Don't mean to offend anyone that may be reading.

We had our first visitor to our new home last week. My friend/sis Jodi, Aunt Jodi, to the girls, came to see us and our new home. Had a great relaxing time. She brought us gifts too! Yeah! Girls love their new kickin' sweatshirts! If I were a young girl, these would be my everyday throw on and go out the door shirt. I gave her a tour of the city and country and lakeshores we like to visit. Girls and I took her for a short walk in the woods before dark and before we viewed the bear photo! I hung the wooden sign Jodi brought for us in our entry way.

The girls and I have been busy doing crafts and making Halloween suckers! Yummy! They look pretty good and the girls even put fancy ribbons on them. Hope their friends and teachers enjoy them as much as we did making them.
Our home has become our Home Sweet Home, just as the sign from Jodi says. We are making it our own. Poor Bear got scared by a little defenseless squirrel on the porch yesterday! She screamed as she went to the front porch. Poor little thing (the squirrel) probably got the poop scared out of it!

We are suppose to have more visitors this coming weekend! Yeah!! Looking forward to showing them our Yooper home and life. Hope we have better weather than today! Today is a rain day, that is not muting the pretty colors. I will leave you with some of the beautiful images that surround our home here at SweetPea's Heaven.
Hope you e
njoy them as much as we do.