Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Walk

I hope to get through this post without tears although it most likely won't happen.
Sunday the 15th  I took the last walk with my horse.  It's not a walk I want to remember but one I always will.
I have to remember the good walks and time we had together as a team.  Sure there were times that we butted heads, ok a lot of time, but we worked through them and became an awesome team.

This is the last walk I'd like to remember.  R.I.P. Black Jack, July 15th 2012.

I miss him everyday.  Our lives here involve horses on a daily basis. Some days there are more than just our horses, those are the days I miss him the most.  I will see a horse and it reminds me of him so much it hurts.  Horses touch your heart in a way nothing else comes close to.  Human love is different than the love of an equine.  He was a challenge and once we finally understood one another, he was the easiest and most smooth ride we have here.  Always the first at the gate to welcome you home, to get loved on, and oh the treats.  He's up in Heaven now with Grandpa watching over me along with his cow Betsy.   Missing my boy...

(Sorry for the  pictures being sideways.  I looked for a way to put them upright and couldn't find it.)