Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Planning and Lists

Did you ever notice while planning a trip or a project you have several lists?  I always start out with one and add about 5 more until I have to finally consolidate them into one big list!  We are planning a trip so that means I have lists for dogs, lists for horses, lists for us, etc.... And the list goes on...
We will be traveling through 4 states if you include ours just to go see Big D Bear.  He's only 9 hours away and we thought it would be good to go see him. He had his foot broke at work about 3 weeks ago and had to move from one job to another that would be better for his foot to heal.  Would have been better to just come home and heal but...  Hoping I don't forget anything or lose my lists! 
Today was an adventure.  You see we have our old faithful black truck, Big D calls it "The old girl", I call it the "Black Beast", that he doesn't like to have leave the property.  Ha!  Well he has a stubborn wife that needs to feed our big animals.  So every so often I venture out with the old truck to get hay.  As long as I stay close to home or only plow the driveway (when we ever get snow!) everything is fine.  It seems as if the "old girl" knows she is retired and not suppose to leave home!!!  Last time I took her to get hay with the trailer we didn't have real good brakes, ok more like none at all.  Today I ventured out once again to go get hay.  It started out smooth then hit a rough patch.  This morning was sort of cold not too bad yet but getting there.  On the way to get the bail of hay I noticed steam coming from the hood.  I thought, it's cold out but not cold enough for that to be happening, pulled over and sure enough antifreeze going all over from the overflow tank! Ugh!! Called hubby to ask him what to do. Take care of the mess, make it to the next town over, get some anti freeze.  In the mean time called the man with the hay and explained that I would be late.  I hate being late!  It took me an hour to get from here to there which is only about15 to 20 miles away!!  Anyway, it took me almost 3 hours to get one bail of hay that should have taken me 45 minutes!!!!  The "Old Girl" won't be leaving the property anytime soon!!!Thankful to have made it there and back safely, I think I will listen to my hubby the next time he says "Don't take her off the property anymore!".  He might just know what he's talking about eh?
Stay warm and take care.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

One of these days.....

One of these days I'm going to have a couch potato, do nothing all day kind of days.  For now I have a life filled with kids, pups and horses that don't allow me to have one of those days.  It's hard to imagine life without all the crazy things happening. Sick kids, trips to the vet, trucks breaking down, all the feeding and fun times sort of mesh together and from time to time I don't know what day it is.  Ok, so it's most days. ha ha ha ha.  I always tell my Mom and hubby that I can sleep when I'm dead, well I can, but there are some days when I'd like to lay in bed like my youngest seems to be able to do.  Oh well, I will push on with my day that includes, cleaning, laundry, cooking, barn stalls cleaned, new straw out for the pups kennel, more cooking, etc.  Oh also add finding the best way for my hubby to travel to that list.  Maybe I will be able to go to bed before 11? One can hope right?
It would be great to get some snow for the kids to go outside and play!  We don't even have enough to slide down a hill!! It's winter, right?  Or did I completely lose a season not just a day?!  So one of these days we might get some snow.
Until then I'm off to do something on my list.
Hope all is well...