Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leavin' On A Jet Plane, Don't know when I'll Be Back Again..

Today started much too early for this girl! There is just something wrong about getting up when it's pitch black outside. I have never been a morning person, my Mom will vouch for that. I was always the one up until 2 or 3 am talking on the phone or writing notes to my friends. Alarm clock would go off again and again, I think I wore out the snooze button. Should have been doing homework or studying but what fun would that be?

The cubs and I took Bear to the airport this morning. We all were up walking around with sleepers stuck in our eyes, trying our darndest to keep the blanket over our heads and pretend it wasn't time to get moving already.

We all have to make sacrifices now and then. Today was one of those days that the cubs and I had to sacrifice sleep. Our bear makes plenty of those for us on a daily basis. It's only fair we take a turn at it. We had to leave before he started going through the security check to keep the tears to a minimum for everyone involved. Not sure if you know this or not, but my rough and tough construction foreman is a softy at heart. His heart melts for all his girls and aches too when it's time to leave us behind to go to work. It's ok to cry really it is, but when we first met, he was not like this and now some 3 1/2 years later he decides to show the soft side? I love it though, makes him human and not this super construction man!! But just don't tell anybody, he can't have the guys on the crew knowing this information then they might not want to take orders. Today was easier then the last airport good bye. We were down in Tuscon Arizona last year, the cubs and I were flying back home after a wonderful week in the sun! The babies and I started crying and then Bear started crying when we had to leave the comfort of his arms. We were done going through the security check and the TSA asked if we wanted to turn around and give one last wave. With tear filled eyes, we turned around to see our tough man with tears running down his face, gave our wave and said good byes and I Love You's and see you soon. You'd think we weren't going to see each other ever again. The TSA lady looked at me with tears welled up in her eyes and said that was heart wrenching to watch!!! Try going through it! Pixie was and still is scared to death of the plane and heights! She never wants to fly again or go on roller coasters! Poor baby! Mare Bear on the other hand, give me adventure!! Two totally opposite kids!!

Bear made it to Detroit, 3 hour lay over and then they tell them to go to a different gate because the plane had to have maintenance! I hope he makes his next flight and his luggage makes it to where he is going today. He said he should just get on a plane and come home! He didn't want to go to begin with but me being me reminded him that if he doesn't go we don't have the money to have what we have. Gently reminding him seems to help him stay focused. He misses us and home terribly and would love nothing more than to be done with work and be able to have our home, kids and animals.
Yikes! I said animals. I hope we can get all the work done soon! Need land cleared and fences put up, and pasture planted before we can get our horses! I am impatiently waiting for the day I will be able to buy our horses and bring them home! Such wonderfully beautiful animals. I love their hair, their smell, the muzzle, their individual personality, their beauty. First we will get puppies, 2 Chocolate Lab female pups will join our family in the spring. I must have left my brain in Trollville! Two puppies along with 2 kids and a husband, what am I thinking? Thinking the girls need to start with puppies and work their way up to horses, and have a companion too! And Labs are my favorite puppy/dog. Their ears are the softest things and those eyes, just make me melt, and their chubby little belly's while pups are irresistible to pat and rub. Who wouldn't love the kisses and the cuddles these critters give? We will have a Molly and Spirit if the girls stick to those names. Ask me a day or so after getting these little buggers if I still feel that way about them!
Bear will be landing soon and I have so much to catch up on. I love him being home but for some reason while he's here, I don't want to do my daily housework and laundry, I want to spend time with him. I can check off writing my blog today! The rest will be there tomorrow.
Til' next time!