Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sites we are lucky to see

I have been somewhat of a hermit the past few weeks. Been on my normal facebook and e-mail but have lacked what it takes me to blog. Of all things to inspire me to write today is the song Iron Man!!! How random is that? Too many distractions, kids, hubby, backyard critters, etc.
Kids had a great 2 week break from school which made more work for Me! Plus hubby was home for our anniversary up til a few days ago.
Love our time together but we find we need our space too! I am so thankful he has been able to enjoy our new home as much as we have! He had the opportunity to get into the woods to hunt the elusive Big Buck! Can't eat the darn antlers anyway?! None the less he saw the largest we have on our property and was unable to get a clear shot. He went out another night, shot a buck that had one side of his antlers. Ever trailed a deer through the woods at night? What an adventure he was led on, through the thick cedars, the swamp(deer always go through a swamp for some dumb reason), high ground, and finally caught up with him. By the time he got to him, the buck managed to lose his other antler! Bear brought him up as proud as a peacock. Kind of like your cat does when it catches a mouse, drops it at your feet and expects praise for it? Bear is a good provider for his family and there is one thing we will always be sure of, we will never go hungry. Pants getting a little tight, ok more than a little, more like new pant size if I don't get my butt out and walk!
Part of our life here is the outdoors. It's a big part all year round. Winter is one of my favorite times of year. I know you think I'm nuts with all that comes with it. Sure it's cold, gray skies, snow that turns to slush and the salt on the roads reeks havoc on our vehicles. But the upside is the rosy cheeks, crisp air on your face, snowmen, skiing, sledding, tubing, snowboarding, sun reflecting off the snow gives you a sunburn in the middle of a freeze! There are also snowmobiling, ice fishing, ice skating, snowball fights. If we are going to live in this environment, you must find things to do that you enjoy or become a snowbird. I was lucky enough to go for a walk in the woods with Bear the other day, usually the girls go and I stay behind since they need the Dad and daughters time too. It brings a certain peace about me being here in a place we all love and enjoy. We have such beauty surrounding us daily and love to get out to take it all in. We have what seems to be our own herd of white tail deer, a flock(not sure if that what a group of Grouse are called) of Grouse, male and female bald eagles, a young eagle, rabbits and about 100 Doves, red squirrels, a fox squirrel and two sets of cardinals along with finches and chickadees. These are my backyard critters that capture my lens on almost a daily basis. The Eagles have eluded me except for the immature one.
Our outside rinks are all open in our area so we have begun our skating for the winter. One of my favorite things to do. I love seeing the joy it brings to my girls faces. The feeling they get when they do something by accident that's really cool!
I hope that whatever you might be doing to pass these winter months, you take the time to stop and see the beauty around you.
Til next time