Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The sun is shining and it's 61 degrees!  Wahoo!! I'm going to enjoy it while it's here. They are calling for snow here on Saturday!! Come on Mother Nature, give us Spring!
Going out for some much needed vitamin D!
Smile just for something to do :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday!

It's the 11th of April, 2011.  It's a Monday!!!!  Have one sick child home from school today.  Poor kid just gets rid of one cold and is hit with another.  Sore throat, and stuffy nose.  Every time she sneezes the gunk comes shooting out!  Gross, I know!!
We have had some pretty terrible storms come through this past weekend.  Last night we had high winds, that ripped apart my horses outside shelter!  Of course Bear is gone so I have to figure out how to get another one up for them before bad weather hits again!  Any ideas for someone on a TIGHT budget?  I spent my morning out with the horses.  Poor Lokey kept getting spooked, running all over their pasture.  Gemini kept coming up to me checking out the job I had set in front of me.  The tarps don't phase him a bit.  He bit my back in a couple spots, as if saying Mom, move out of there, let me help you with that!  No help needed from a big black horse, thank you very much!  Fell on my butt in our muddy, manure filled pasture!  Thank goodness for carhart!
I have been thinking about something with Gemini.  I don't think that was his name before the last owner had him.  He doesn't raise his head or turn his ears when his name is called.  He doesn't look at me.  So I started saying different names just to see if he'd turn his ears or pick up his head.  He turns his ears and head when he's called, Blacky or Black Jack.  I'm thinking it's either one of those or something close to it.  Any idea's or suggestions on changing his name?  Lokey/Loki has always been named just that.  When she hears her name she stops, looks and listens to where I'm at.  Whistle and call her name, she runs around the pasture.  I swear that girl has Arabian in her, her tail goes up when she runs.  I love it!
I hope where ever you might be, you have a good day!