Thursday, November 5, 2009

What will come next Spring?

Sun has been shining the past few days which gives me the opportunity to be outside getting some much needed things accomplished. When we moved we dug up just about every plant we could so that we would have some things to start off our flower gardens here in the U.P.. Well then the rain and the cold set in and there was just no way of getting them in the ground, we also couldn't plant them in the clay and sand mix we have. So, they sat in the containers just withering away. Being soaked by all the rain didn't help matters either. Last week I was finally able to get some black dirt hauled in and start on my flower gardens. The little girls helped me by starting the rock borders and then I hauled in wheel barrel load after load until I decided I needed an easier way to do this, my 4X4 truck that never sees dirt! Speaking of which is in desperate need of a wash and vacumming. The gardens don't look like much now but in the spring when they start to peak out from under the soil I will be so excited to see what grows!! I lost a bunch of Daffodils that were frozen and turned to mush :-(. Most of the flowers and vines made it here just fine despite the weather and my not being able to get dirt here. They should be just fine, October and November are both R months, my Grandma always said to transplant things in a month that has an R in it. All of the plants and vines I brought were hers, hopefully we can keep them growing. Next spring will be so different and beautiful here in Heaven.
Busy day ahead, better get a move on!
Have a GREAT day and remember to SMILE and enjoy the day you were given.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WOW!! What a busy weekend we had here in Heaven. My oldest baby came up for a visit and a concert, plus it was Halloween weekend. Mar Bear and Pixie could hardly wait for her to get here and pick them up from school to spend some time with their sissy and her friend Tim. I think they were just as excited to see him as they were her. Our weekend was filled with lots of food and laughs, naps, pumpkin carving, dress up, concerts and carnivals. I made all of her requested foods and sent some of Momma’s home cooking home with she and Tim. All of them ran through the house laughing and playing and tickling each other, and found the can of reddi-whip in the frig. Kayla figured out that getting up on Tim’s shoulders she is able to reach the peak of the cathedral ceiling in our home. She looks so happy and content with their relationship. I forgot how much sleep a 19 year needs hence the reason for naps. They were able to see some of our critters we so enjoy watching. Tim wasn’t to crazy about Bear’s hunting rules, no shooting the does which have fawns with them, no shooting the fawns. Also add in the Michigan U.P. hunting laws and you can pretty much say he was only allowed to shoot a 6 point buck or larger. Kayla brought gifts for the girls too. Mar Bear got a beautiful painted pony figurine for her horse themed room so that she may start collecting them for a display. Pixie got curtains that match her personality to a tee! Also brought what I like to call Pixie dust, a box filled with puff balls, pipe cleaners, felt, large google eyes and glue! Thank you Grandma, she said your welcome at least it wasn’t beads! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! (YELLING) What did I get? I got hugs and thank you for the food. Halloween was fun and hectic as usual! In the kitchen for 5 hours cooking and making things for the carnival didn’t do my back a bit of good. I hurt it the day before carrying sacks of corn out to the feeder for our critters. Big Bear wasn’t too happy with me either. His comment to me was, “Why didn’t you have Tim do it?”. My reply, went over like a lead balloon “I can do it myself and he was taking a nap plus I had a break in the rain!”. Poor man married a woman just as stubborn and do it myself as he is. I helped the girls get their hair and make up done in time to go trick or treating. They both fit their costumes this year, devil and a witch!! Did I say that, oops! They did on that day and many others too. Kids will be kids I guess. I have to say that they are the most beautiful witch and devil I have laid eyes on, of course I am prejudice. Afterward we went to the carnival at their school and they had a great time, playing games and just being with their friends all dressed up silly and scary. Their carnival reminded me of the old days at Maple Ridge Elementary school when we would hold ours every year. When we got to the 6th grade we were able to participate in the haunted house. That was fun for some, not me, I still to this day don’t like scary things. Kayla went to a Dierk’s Bentley concert while she was here. I asked her how it went and all she said was it was ok????? Just OK?? Hmm what is up with that were my thoughts. I talked to Tim and found out part of the problem, she is what someone who is politically correct would say, vertically challenged. Me being the politically incorrect Mom, says she is short just like me! Hey, good things come in small packages!!!! They munched on chips and cheese and talked about the music and said he put on a good show and he sounded great! However their pictures didn’t turn out too well since he has such an awesome light show. We were all just pooped after the busy day and hit the hay for the night. Our last day was short. Breakfast and Tim helping me do things I had orders to not do myself. We had to fix the grapevine wreath that started out round and ended up egg shaped since I didn’t support the bottom, oops. Wreath is now rounded again, feeder is partially full and Bears hunting stuff is here and not in storage. Thanks Tim. After his time helping me he almost forgot his boots on the porch, he said he would have missed those. All in all it was a good weekend. Kayla and Tim had a safe trip back down state and the girls are back in school for the week. We have girl scouts this week and a playoff game we might attend. Mar Bear and Pixie will get their girl scout pins this week, WAHOO!! Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine while it’s here.