Thursday, November 5, 2009

What will come next Spring?

Sun has been shining the past few days which gives me the opportunity to be outside getting some much needed things accomplished. When we moved we dug up just about every plant we could so that we would have some things to start off our flower gardens here in the U.P.. Well then the rain and the cold set in and there was just no way of getting them in the ground, we also couldn't plant them in the clay and sand mix we have. So, they sat in the containers just withering away. Being soaked by all the rain didn't help matters either. Last week I was finally able to get some black dirt hauled in and start on my flower gardens. The little girls helped me by starting the rock borders and then I hauled in wheel barrel load after load until I decided I needed an easier way to do this, my 4X4 truck that never sees dirt! Speaking of which is in desperate need of a wash and vacumming. The gardens don't look like much now but in the spring when they start to peak out from under the soil I will be so excited to see what grows!! I lost a bunch of Daffodils that were frozen and turned to mush :-(. Most of the flowers and vines made it here just fine despite the weather and my not being able to get dirt here. They should be just fine, October and November are both R months, my Grandma always said to transplant things in a month that has an R in it. All of the plants and vines I brought were hers, hopefully we can keep them growing. Next spring will be so different and beautiful here in Heaven.
Busy day ahead, better get a move on!
Have a GREAT day and remember to SMILE and enjoy the day you were given.

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