Friday, December 9, 2011


My girls and I were discussing a friends blog this morning.  In the talk they asked me how many followers I had.  I responded with "Six, probably because I don't write or post very often  or it could be that nobody is interested in what's happening in our little slice of Heaven.".  They replied with, "Mom take your camera with you wherever you go and just post pictures of what you see!".  Pretty smart kids, eh?  So if you don't mind seeing just pictures and possibly word or two, that's may be what my posts will consist of for a while.  A fellow blogger is having some changes  going on at his place which sparked a thought.  Our pups are now 9 months old!  They have grown into BIG beautiful animals.  Take a look at the pictures and you will see what I mean!  First pictures will be of when we first met them at two weeks old, then what they look like now at 9 months old!   HUGE difference and no Maggie has not grown into those huge paws yet!  Yikes!!  Our little runt of the litter Midnight had surgery this week - on my birthday - to have a lump removed.  The vet said it didn't look like it had any cancer cells, thank goodness.  Pretty scary since she's so young.  Maggie broke her toenail, pulled the ligaments that hold the nail straight.  Happy Birthday to me, taking the dog's to the vet.  Wahoo! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This mornings view from my front porch! Wow!