Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hi there!  I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote!  Feeling as though I need to explain my "MIA" status. I'm still alive and kicking!  It's been a long hot summer!  Kids have been home, as well as the hubby.  We've been busy being a family and hoping for work or in my hubbies case hoping he can be off for just a little bit longer.  ha ha.
He's ready to retire or go into a different line of work that would allow him to be home.  He misses us and his home while he's away.  I thought it would be easier for him since we moved and we were more safe here in heaven well I think it's made it harder for him to be away.  He finally has his family and his home and dislikes leaving us when work calls him to duty.  He loves to be here, always has even when there was just a shack and nothing else here but the critters and the property.  Now that we have added our home here, it's almost unbearable for our bear to be away.  Some day he will be here all the time but for now he must work to support this crazy house.  Bear is back to work now and the girls will be in school soon.  Back to my days all alone.  Then I might be able to blog more, after I get my primp day and lunch day with the other Mom's celebrating the start of school!  :)  I know, awful aren't we?  Not really just look forward to quiet days where the house stays clean and we get to do whatever else we want to! 
Until then I am off again. Before I leave though I must share these pictures of my babies hair :-(
This is before the sadness set in.

This is after the sadness set in!!! I just wanted to cry!! Reminded me of the first day of kindergarten!!
I think I'll go cry now ;(

Ti'l next time.