Saturday, January 28, 2012


Oh how I love my fluff ball horses in the winter!!!  I love them all the time but this time of year they have soft, long hair to run your fingers through.  I figure it's good therapy for all of us as I run my fingers through the hair.  They get a massage and I get to feel their soft hair on my skin.  If you've never done that you should try it sometime.  Those of you that have horses already know what I'm talking about.  Love it!
So today I am sharing some pictures I took the other day.  They are good therapy when things seem to go haywire just as they have been here since oh let's say Christmas!  Bear was home for the holiday and had to fly back out to work after only being home for a few days.  He went back to work for a couple days, while at work one of those 4 ton concrete barriers you see on the highway fell on his foot.  Bear's foot broke!  Lucky for him he had his good ole "Doc Martin" boots on.  Otherwise it would have been much worse. I think I will be writing to Doc Martin company to see if they would like to have him for a spokesperson to promote their boots.  What do you think?  4 weeks out and it's healing, no surgery and no hard cast?!  He's been dealing with more pain on top of the everyday pain he already had.  While we were downstate my truck broke down!  Ugh!  We came back home after it was repaired thinking it was all good.  Umm, NOT!  It is now running good thank goodness!  The past two weeks have been quite pricy with Bear's truck being in and out of the shop.  Big trucks give you big repair bills like the $3200 in repairs for the last couple weeks. WOW!  Thankful we had a little bit saved up to pay for the repairs. Time to tighten the belt again and hope for some smooth sailing for the next couple months?!  I can hope, right?  Soooooo, I have been spending more time down at the barn cleaning and hanging out with my big babies.  What do you do for therapy?  What do you do to unwind? 
Hope you enjoy the pictures of our big babies. :)
 Loci Sue racing up to the fence to see what I was up to.  Love that girl!  She looks so good!
 BlackJack with his tongue out. Look how fuzzy he is.
 Fluffy teddy bear Reebok.
 Loci making sure I get her good side :) 
 Mr. Handsome Reebok.
The boys. They can be in the same area with minimal kicking at each other.  Yes, there he is with his tongue out.  I am beginning to think he doesn't like my camera in his face.
 Then there is this boy.  Love him to pieces.  He loves hugs and kisses and of course treats. Look at those eyes, so dreamy and soft.