Monday, September 21, 2009

Settling In

We are ever so slowly settling in to our new home and new lives here in Heaven(Yooperville as Bear says). Our critters have gotten used to all the noise and commotion we make. This is one of the spikes we see daily. Haven't in the last few days, hope nothing has happened to him. The little Pixie had a little encounter with one of the doe fawns. Had a stand off that was quite comical.

We have been unpacking and putting up pictures and mounts and setting up the house just the way we want it. One thing we are lacking is window coverings, hmm guess I shouldn't have nixed the drapery package after all. Oh well, at least this way we can put up what we want in our home not what someone else thinks will look good in our house. Look out Cabela's here I come to the bargain cave that is. We still have many pictures and things to put out and hang up but it will get there, it's not going anywhere. I have decided I never want to move again! It's just a chore to pack and unpack and basically rebuild your life.
Girls and I are adjusting well to our new northern life. They have been in school for almost 3 weeks now, have made several friends and love there speedy, rockin' bus driver. We have decided to join Girl Scouts and 4H as soon as I see flyers for the 4H.

I love sisterly love early in the morning. That is even when the baby faints due to anxiety of what the first day of school at a brand new school will bring. Poor girl. She made it through the day just fine coming home with a smile on her face saying her first day was awesome! Music to my ears, for sure!

It's feeling and looking like fall out there more and more everyday. I love the clean, cool, crisp fall air and the beautiful colors of fall. Some days it seems as if it's raining leaves. The trees move in the wind as if they are dancing to music swaying back and forth. We want out little chipmunk Alvin gathering food for winter. He's so fast, I can't seem to get a good picture of him, all we see is a blur. We have a family of beautiful Blue Jays that come to eat the corn. They have so many shades of blue and irredescent feathers, I find that I can ignore their annoying squawk! A bird so beautiful should have a song to match.
We visited a local corn maze that had more to offer than just a corn maze. Had a wonderful hay ride, that we will go back to soon before all the colors are gone. There were pumpkins and corn stalks, sheep and a calf to pet.

The little angels enjoying an Indian Summer day!
Well some of you have asked for pictures of our home. It's a work in progress, at least the boxes are not visible in the pictures.Not sure I want to show pictures of our home, since it may make you want to move to God's country too! Wait, that might not be too bad, at least we'd have some familiar faces around. The girls and I have been working hard to keep things cleaned up and do as much as we can. Some things we just need a man for, like hanging heavy grapevine wreaths and good hug, ya know what I mean, eh?

I will end this post with this note. I LOVE OUR NEW HOME! Hope you enjoyed the snapshots of our new home and lives at Sweetpea's Heaven, we sure do!!