Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some moments in time

Meet Mama Kitty and her 5 kittens. The Mama was a drop off at our house. She was already very pregnant.  I'm not a cat person at all but they are all cute little fluff balls.  She's a good Mama and takes good care of them.  We moved them to a larger area yesterday.  She delivered them in the side pocket of D Bears boat.  Not a good place when they started to grow.  Besides D Bear wanted them OUT of his boat.
Pixie and her beloved Midnight.  These two are the last born and always the last to give up and go to sleep.  Even at the times when they are yawning, can barely keep their eyes open, Pixie will tell you I'm not tired. Midnight just keeps on getting up, and picking up her head even when her eyes are just about closed.  Both are extremely sensitive. Can't raise your voice to either of them without making them cry or at least sulk. 
Puppies now have their collars on.  Do they like them?  Umm, that's a big NO!  Seem to make them scratch, trying to get them off.  Sorry little pistols but they are here to stay.  Giving me something to grab onto when they are taking me through the woods too close to the road!  Mama kitty came up on the deck which use to be her domain until the little fur balls of fire moved in.  Let me tell you, she's not a happy camper!  She does what all cats do when they meet up with a puppy/dog.  She hisses, growls, raises her hair on her back.  I have to give her credit, she has not yet raised her paw/claws to them.  Leads to never a dull moment here.
M Bear with Maggie.  Aren't they sweet.  Who could ever think this sweet little bundle of fur would ever go on an adventure without Mom's permission.  Maggie seems to want to do it on a daily basis!!!  Hoping M Bear doesn't ever do that.  M Bear rubbed Maggie's belly until she went to sleep.  The sisters were sitting on the couch right next to them wide awake!  Go figure!
I love this picture!  Loki was laying out in the sun when the girls got home from school yesterday.  M Bear asked if she could crawl under the fence to go be with her.  Sure why not, manure washes, right?  They've been missing each other with all of the running we are doing for track and oh yes those little puppies too.  They spent about 30 minutes sitting and laying in the sun together.  Not sure of their conversation but whatever it was, needed to be said.  Maybe it went something like this, " Where have you been?  I've missed you. Come sit with me and enjoy the warm sun." .  "I'm sorry, I've been busy running and trying to train the puppies.  Summer vacation is coming soon which means I will have more time with you.  The sun feels good, mind if I lay down with you?"
These are a glimpse of what happens here in Heaven if you take the time to enjoy it.