Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!

Last night I rose to a clatter, I got out of bed to see what's the matter.
To see such a sight!! There was a bear on my deck!! I said "What the heck?" (Not really, I said Holy Shit there's a bear right there!!!). Only thing between she and I was a glass door, glad she didn't see me looking at her in amazement. She moved with the greatest of ease. What a beautiful creature but a little too up close and personal for the likes of this country girl.
She left the deck with nectar upon her face from the hummingbird feeder she tried to erase.

Moving on to bigger messes to make. Crazy lady went to the trash cans lined up in a row looking for more rubbish to sow. But little did she know I had emptied them that day. In hopes of keeping her away. She found nothing there and moved on to the bird feeders, standing on hind legs to smell what she could smell. Thought she'd sit a spell under one feeder. She left one alone and went to lay her lazy butt down under the large spin cast feeder we use to feed deer and turkeys. I watched her lay there eating corn and scooching her fat bum around to get more corn in her belly. This bear is the same bear from last fall with no cubs this year. She came out of her den to find no natural food around, darn bear remembered to pay a call to Sweet Pea's Heaven. This all started last week when I woke to find some of my feeders were gone! Yes GONE! Apparently she was hungry and wanted to eat the whole thing? Then Tuesday night came and went, I looked out my patio door as I do every morning to find things in disarray. The replacement finch feeder I had put out was GONE, the pole to hang feeders from GONE, the suet and other feeder GONE, Oriole Feeder GONE! Oh and she got into one of the 55 gallon garbage barrels, decided the lady that lives here needs some bags of trash to pick up!! Ugh, what do I do with an unruly bear?
Bear says to shoot her along with everyone else before she causes more problems. I enjoyed watching her last night but I must say it's time for the bear to go. One bear family on this property is more than enough. My dilemma starts now, how do I go about getting rid of the big sow? Do we shoot her, call the DNR to have her removed? I will miss seeing her black fuzzy face but I know it's too dangerous to have her around. If we remove her one way or the other, another will come in her place. What to do, what to do I haven't a clue! I guess all I can do is to watch her dance with the feeder like she likes to do!

Til next time.