Friday, July 8, 2011

Maiden Voyage

This past Wednesday was a busy day for us.  We had many things on our to do list as we normally do but that day was to be extra special.  Why?  Let me tell you why.
My younger daughters are in 4H for horses.  Our meeting that night was about showmanship and just happened to be close enough to our house that we could ride there.  Our farrier trimmed their feet finishing just in time for us to get them saddled and head out.  We knew Loci would be fine with traffic, but BlackJack/Gemini I wasn't so sure about.  We led them out of the gate and up to the fence to do some last minute adjustments on the horses and make sure everyone was ready to go.  As I helped M Bear get on her horse, somehow BlackJack managed to pull his head out of his halter and bridle!!!!  Talk about last second, hurry up put everything back on and get moving!  I'm still not sure how he did it. 
We only have the 2 horses and there were 4 of us going, so Pixie and M Bears friend rode bikes ahead of us.  I knew I would be ok with anything that Black Jack may have tried or spooked.  My concern was for the 3 children making it to our destination in one piece.  The two bikers did so well. Very proud of them!  They would stop every so often to make sure we were ok.  We were only asking the horses to walk, no trotting.  Loci loves to trot, prance, go as fast as those legs will go! M Bear is now use to a trot but I wanted her to be safe just in case she spooked.  Besides the fact that Loci once she gets going, does not like to STOP!  She'll stop but for a child it can be difficult, heck it's hard for me sometime.  Black Jack did great!  He's such a good boy!  He has another gate between his walk and trot that he tried doing with me a couple times on this trip. His legs are longer than Loci's hence the reason she would have to trot to keep up.  He is such a smooth ride.  In learning my animals, I've learned that Black Jack spooks from high winds and birds flying up by him.  So I was in hopes of a fairly calm wind and no birds for our ride.  Which worked out fine.  We were riding along and passing a place that has 5 horses.  As we reached an opening one of their horses sounded off, Black Jack stopped dead in his tracks, turned his head and focused on where that noise came from.  He looked over there as if to say, hmm there are other horses here!  Silly horse!  That was his one and only spook. When we got to the meeting almost 15 minutes late, I let D Bear know we were there safe and sound.  I swear he worries more than I do.  After the meeting we all rode home again, but went a different way.  Black Jack kept trying to turn to go back the way we came, what a smart boy for remembering the journey.  Once I finally convinced him we were still going home, just a different path he was ok.  There is a cement bridge on the way home, he refused to go over it.  I'm not sure why but he wouldn't pass over it.  We led them across and he thought he would just keep on walking beside me.  Ummm, no!  My cell phone kept alerting me that I had text messages but I decided to ignore them until we were home.  As soon as we got home and tied the horses up, my phone started to ring.  It was my hubby in a panic asking me if we were ok!!! Of course we're ok!!  After we took off the tack and cooled the horses down I looked at my phone.  The messages were from hubby checking on us.  Worry wart!!!  In our adventure Loci stepped on M Bear's feet, she wasn't too happy about it but she'll live. 
The reason D Bear was so worried about us is because this was our maiden voyage off the property!!! Yeah!!! And he wasn't here :(  so if something were to happen he was too far away to do anything to help us.  I love him dearly and I'm so thankful for him, but he knows he has an independent wife and daughters that like to do things on their own too.  I don't think he will ever not worry about us doing our own thing.
In the whole journey there and back, I did not get one picture!!!! Not one!!! Oh well, I was concentrating so hard on getting everyone there and back safely that I didn't worry about taking pictures.
I do however have pictures of a horse that is suppose to be coming to our home soon.  Her name is Baby, she's an 11 year old registered paint!!!  I can't wait to have her here with us.
Hoping she will like being a Yooper!  I know we do!