Monday, September 2, 2013

Time Got Away from me....

Can't believe how much time has passed since I wrote.
Kids are already on their way back to school tomorrow.
Both in Junior High.
My oldest daughter/child is getting married in two weeks. Yikes!!
Does that make her old, or me? I would have to say her. :)
Yellow has been with us for a year.
Love that horse. We make a great match. Mellow but yet a little bit of sass.
Girls have become better riders and will soon be looking for the next step up.
Poses the question of keeping their first horses or selling them.  I already know what
their answers will be.  They will be great horses for a long time to come.  Horses that
we can put anyone on without a doubt and know they will be just fine.  So they
won't be leaving our property and have a final resting place by Black Jack.  He holds a special place
in my heart as well as the rest of the animals do.  People that don't have animals don't understand
how animals mean so much to us animal lovers.  I tried to explain it to my Mom, she said she understood but I don't think she did.  They touch you in ways no human can.  They are my therapy.  Have
a bad day, go to the barn or play fetch with the dogs. That's me :)
One of my dreams finally came true!  The hubby went on a trail ride with us!!!!  Up until that day, we had not been on a ride together. Beautiful day and gorgeous property along with wonderful horses, friends and family made for a perfect day.  Add a super potluck afterwards, and it was over the top.
Hubby still doesn't have a horse of his own but someday, hopefully soon, he will.
Love this picture of a night sky.  We had some crazy storms come through that night.  When we walked out to take pictures, everything had the yellow/orange haze, almost as if we were in and old black and white movie that had yellowed.  On our phones and camera's it's a setting called Sepia but I didn't need to set the camera to get a beautiful picture.I hope all of you are well. All 6 of you :)  that were following at one time.
I hope to start writing again.  We shall see. :)
Until next time :)