Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swing I missed last time...

Well isn't that just like me to forget something. I didn't put pictures of the swing my hubby worked so hard on. These are from the day Mare Bear went to her friends house for the night. Poor little Pixie had to spend time with just Mom and Dad. Doesn't she look depressed? We played on the tire swing with her, played soccer on the deck since it's nothing but muck around here. Also cooked dinner with her and watched "Where The Wild Things Are", cute movie but wouldn't watch it again. She had a good time with the old Mom and Dad, ha ha ha.Let the Sun Shine Down On Me!!!
Till next time...

Monday, March 8, 2010

What we do here in da U.P. when it's a little cold...

Been a while. Haven't felt like writing much lately. Think it's just the winter blahs setting in? We are all ready for Spring to arrive with all it's glorious new life and sloppy mess due to the thaw. Our yard and driveway are a grease pit thanks to the sand/clay we have here. Since we put our house in last fall, we didn't put in a lawn and gravel it will be a huge mess til about June!
Bear is still home. This has been the longest amount of time off he's had. Being laid off is good until it catches up with you like a gigantic wave that engulfs you. We weren't prepared for him to be home this long so to say things are tight is an understatement!! We love having him home no matter the strains, because we miss him so much when he's gone! All of our hearts ache when we are separated due to work! So we have found things to entertain us that don't cost a thing. Mainly they involve our children and the outdoors.
Bear and I took the kids for a walk in the woods to see where we might put our horse pasture!

Wahoo!! Can't wait! The girls and I were lucky to take care of 3 beautiful horses for just over 2 weeks. Gave them a little idea of what it takes to take care of them. We all loved it! Even got my Bear over there to help me as he didn't like the idea of me going there alone. After all I am only 39 years old and not grown up yet, ha ha ha ha! Just teasing ya Bear! He didn't want to worry about me being there alone and if something were to happen with one of the horses, how would I get the help I needed. He is awesome with the animals too, they quickly learned who was boss when he was there. I missed them the day after we didn't have to go over. Gave me something to do and it's such good therapy. Haillee is a Morgan with a beautiful red coat, she was my favorite. She would get daily rub downs as she was the only one that would allow it. The owner told us to come over whenever we want to see them. We will do just that! She also said this is the first time her horses have been this well cared for when she has left. (Pats on the backs) Surely was worth every minute and gallons of gas to get to her place. All for the love of the animals. I so look forward to getting our own horses. Spoke with another person that has some for sale, ugh! Doesn't help with the longing to have my own. He has 3, 3 year olds for sale. Has one of the most beautiful horse breeds I have ever laid eyes on, a Gypsy!! Sigh, some day I will have the horse I want.

On our property there all kinds of wildlife. There have been sighting of strange looking bears. Please tell me if you know what kind they are. I know there's a name for them but just can't think of it right now. We see them all the time and they even live in my home. Hmmm sure wish I could think of what they're called. In the woods they leave strange markings on the trees, like this? Do you have any of these kinds of things in your neck of the woods? They also ride these things down the snow covered hills around the house making these screeching sounds and giggly noises. Have yet to figure out what's all the fuss. Looks like they are having a grand time though, doesn't it?

Ever wonder if your kids pick up on your moods? I have proof. Mare Bear made a balloon for Bear the other day because he's been crabby and hurts all the time. Hmm wonder where she got that from??? No matter how hard we try as adults to hide our feelings so our children don't worry about us, they know. We have mother's intuition, they have children's intuition.

Bear made a tire swing for the cubs to play on. He of course had to test it out before they could go on. He reminded himself that if you spin too much you will get dizzy and fall down, quite literally! They were having fun and that swing will be there a long time.

I just told Bear I was working on my blog. He asked me if I put up my Yooper picture yet? My answer was of course "NO!!!" He told me I wasn't finished yet! So here it goes, try not to laugh too hard! He is so proud of turning me into a Yooper. The coveralls are his old pair, can't you tell? This is what I wore to care for the horses. It works, not a fashion statement for sure!

Take in the beauty around you.
Till next time...