Friday, September 10, 2010


My Ellie Hair!
Ok so I went in to a new hair stylist.  My prior stylist is 250 miles away!!  Oh how I miss my Ellie.  Reality is I can't afford to drive down every time I need my hair done so I have to find someone around this area to do my hair.  I have asked around to where other women go.  I saw a ladies hair and I loved the colors so I went to the same person.  I think next time I will try the other lady that someone else recommended?  UGH!  I think it may have been a mistake or it's just such a huge difference it may take some time to get use to?  This girl is very nice and tried to do a good job!  I asked for highlights, not platinum and a copper red, that's what I got with the red but the blond is a little more than I expected.  She also used some awful smelling hair spray!  Not sure what kind but oh my did it stink, even after I showered and put my hair products in!!! Yuck!  I have thin hair and can't use a lot of things but found what works thanks to Ellie.  Anyhow I thought I'd post pictures and ask for your honest opinion.  My best friend and hubby say it looks good but I say it looks streaked and like an orange and yellow skunk threw up on my head!!!!  What do you think??  Please give me your honest opinion. 

Skunk Hair?
Striped? and dull?
After I came home and washed it, curled it too. Looks a little better?
Other side after I redid it.

Ok what do you think?  Remember to be honest?  I have an appt. with her later to fix it?  Or should I just leave it and enjoy a change? Please leave your comments.

One Week Down...

I can't believe it's already September 10th!  Where did our summer go?  Where did the warm temperatures go?  Seems like all of a sudden it's a crisp autumn morning and the kids are off to school.  I enjoy my quiet days where the house stays clean, and all my work is finished quickly.  However I do miss hearing "Mom, can you help me?".  For me it's back to watching my critters and taking pictures, running here and there and cooking and cleaning.  For the girls, it's back to learning, seeing friends and having fun too!  Our first week of school and we made it through the early bedtimes and early mornings of our school routine.  No more up till 11 and sleep till 9 days, no more leisure days other than the weekends.  Who am I kidding?  Our weekends won't be lazy either, they will be filled with football games to watch and cheer at, friends over, and trips here and there too!

 Enjoy your day! And smile things could be worse.