Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Love Story

I was a struggling divorced single mother trying to make ends meet without much success, working at a local Eagle's club as a bartender. Working one of my normal nights at the club when in walks a customer I'd not seen before.  Taller man(doesn't take much to be taller than me at 5' 3")with a leather hat on, denim shirt and pants, clean shaven other than his gotee.  I walked down to the end of the bar to ask him what I could get for him.  In his gravely voice he answered.  Oh that voice, drew me in right there!  I returned with his beverage, and looked up as he paid.  Those sparkling blue eyes and that smile, WOW!  The outside package was drawing me in,  slow down sister guard your head and your heart!!  We talked a little asked him where he was from, what he was doing here in our small town.  Small talk like I had done with all customers, but this one was different for some reason. Every word he spoke in that voice of his seemed to tear down the wall I'd built around myself.  You see, I'd learned a thing or two the past few years of my life, in serving customers, you don't let on too much of your personal life.  As a newly divorced person, you learn to read people even better!  You guard your heart and your head, keep it to yourself so that it doesn't receive anymore bruises or tears. Also, most men that I had encountered were only out for one thing, um not interested in a bootie call!!  It's hard enough taking care of your kids and working, who has time for love, sure not this lady.  I didn't have time for any funny business either, don't need to have anyone ruining my little family.
 As I walked away this strange feeling came over me.  My neck got hot, felt sort of tingly all over my body, almost electric.  I know you are probably thinking, this lady is crazy, but I'm not.  It's  a feeling I will never forget, an overwhelming feeling as if something was telling me he's the one.  I pushed that out of my head, I don't have time for this.  As this is happening to me  he said to me " I guess if I want to get to know you better, I need to find your brother at the same plant I'm working at.".  I turned around with a smile on my face and said "I guess so!".  Whoa! Is that all I could think of to say is I guess so?! That was a nice come back.  He smiled and told me thanks for the beverages gave me a tip and asked when I would be working again because he'd like to come in when I'm there. I'd went home that night thinking I'd never see him again, he wouldn't be back.  By the next night that I worked I'd pushed him out of my thoughts, making myself think he was like everyone else.  Tell you what you want to hear in hopes of getting lucky.  I didn't think he'd come in again.  Once again I was having  the normal night when later he came in.  Oh total excitement washed over me!   He was a gentlemen from the beginning, something I'd not encountered in my journey called life.
 As time passed while he was in town we grew closer, eventually I'd introduce him to my children.  That wall that I had built up around me was crumbling much faster than I thought possible.  As the month's had passed, it was soon time for him to move on to the next town and next job.  We talked to each other everyday and somehow managed to make this work.  He'd come back to see us or we would go see him wherever that might be.
 The following Spring he came back to the small town and stayed with us, we became a family of some sort.  Boy oh boy it was hard to have him leave after having him there for so many months. 
We had talked about marriage several times, neither of us ready for that big step!   Over 2 years had passed when he asked me if I was ready.  Sure, why not!  Oh there I go with those wonderful come backs.  He asked the girls if he could marry their Momma.  Overjoyed is not even enough to explain their excitement!  I thought they were going to knock him backwards on the chair!  Crazy girls jumped on him, told him yes and that they thought he would never ask.  We were married shortly after that with a small ceremony in our then home.
Now it's coming up on 6 years since we first met.  Things have changed a lot for us all but one thing remains the same, when he kisses me I get that same feeling that goes all the way through me.  Our love has grown stronger and I've learned that I am the luckiest woman alive to have a man like I do. 
The rest will be history.....