Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bears, Bears They're Everywhere

I haven't check our trail camera for a few days. I did today and much to my delight I saw this sight.

He or she is the cutest.  Just look at it's fluffy body of fur and cute little face.   He even has a round little bottom.   How could you not fall for the cuteness factor?!

This little one decided to come in the day I happened to be having lunch with the girls at school.  So of course I didn't get any pictures with my camera.  Darn it anyway!  He or she is one of the 2 year old cubs we had here last fall.  They are such amazing creatures we are lucky to see.  I prefer not to have them on my deck or tearing down my feeders though.
The first photo is of the rascal is climbing up the side of our feeder we use to feed the deer and turkeys to view them.  I am not sure how he got up there but I sure wish I would have been home to watch him.  Next photo's he is climbing up the ladder we use to fill the barrel.  I think he was trying to figure out how he could get more food!

We have saw 4 of the 5 bears here at Sweet Pea's Heaven.  The littlest member of the bear family has not made it's appearance as of yet.  We know it's here as we have witnessed the claw marks in the birch bark.  We probably won't see it til the fall since the Momma Bear keeps it up in trees and teaches it everything it needs to know.  She doesn't want us pesky humans seeing her baby just yet.

We get to watch the cubs from a couple years ago, Momma, and the Big Daddy.   As long as they leave my family and my stuff alone we won't have any issues.  If we do, I have a gun and I am not afraid to use it, just to scare them off not kill them.  I will leave that up to my more experienced hunter, my bear.

Til next time.

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