Saturday, June 12, 2010

I thought I'd show some of the beauty before writing about it.  My oldest baby came to see us this past week with much coaxing involved and of course money! She lives 250 miles away from us and we miss her everyday!  We took her to one of our favorite photo spots on the river.  Bear and Pixie tried their hand at fishing, and Pixie got lucky by catching a Pike!  Yummy!!  The weather was not wanting to cooperate with us but we made it through with only a few sprinkles.  Somehow she sprained her ankle and we ended up in the er for x-rays, an air cast, and crutches!  She is a tough girl!  We went shopping and out to lunch.  She had fun trying to run Mom over with one of the go go carts at Wally World, making her sister laugh!  Sisters don't miss a beat even when they aren't together everyday.   Pixie decided she needed some Daddy/Daughter time and went fishing on the bay!  Lucky girl, I would have rather been fishing then shopping. They each caught one but they weren't keepers.  I'm so glad my oldest came up for a much needed visit while Bear was home.  She needed to see everyone and get some Mema cooking.  (That's what she calls me is Mema)  This week one of my last Iris' to bloom blossomed!  I have not had this one yet in all my years of having Iris'!  My Grandma had them all over her yard but I never had them bloom.  I look forward to what comes up next year!

Til' next time...

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