Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Working Hubby While I Have Him...

Things in Heaven are looking up.  We've been busy with visits from our oldest baby(she'll always be my baby no matter how old she is), fishing,
working on things around the yard and watching one of the cubs bring a friend in to eat.  
Bear brought home these pieces of plastic culvert so we thought we'd make good use of them.  We don't have a lawn let alone a space made for a garden so we made up our own Yooper Garden!  Don't laugh it may just work and we might be on our way to becoming millionaires. (ha ha ha ha would be nice though wouldn't it?)We have 2 tomato plants, cukes, zuccini, red and green peppers, one leaf cabbage, and 20 strawberry plants!  If nothing else I can make salsa, jam and zuccini bread!!  Girls and Denny worked their butts off so we could have a little garden and be able to keep the critters out!
Bear climbed up the birch in front of our house.  As you can see from the first photo the top of the tree is dead.  So he topped the tree off and trimmed the tree to make it look better.  He works high up all the time for his job so being 30 foot up a tree is nothing to him.  To the girls and I, umm that would be a big I'm NOT going up there!  Slowly we are adding flower beds and making our house a home.  I am a flowers everywhere is not enough girl!  I can grow things outside like mad but when it comes to inside stuff, forget it.  I used to be able to grow indoor plants but I guess that left somewhere along the time I had kids!  As for the cub and her friend, I think she's too young to be bringing boyfriends home!!  She's only 2 for pete's sake!  He's too old for her, he's around 3 - 4 years old!  The Pixie and I were out on the deck taking video and still shots while they just laid their and ate.  They got up and came a little closer to smell the food in the bird feeders.  They can no longer get to them unless they tightrope across the cable.  
The fishing trip Bear took alone brought us a large mess of fish.  We have been longing for an all you can eat fish dinner and boy did we get one!  The one picture of Bear he's holding the largest of his catch of the day.  A 28" 8# walleye, and a 26" 5# northern pike.  They were yummy in our tummy's!  I feel the need to explain the next fish picture.  You see 2 hands going towards the fish.  Well we dared Pixie to touch the fish so Mare Bear thought she would too!  Pixie is scared silly to touch a fish and even worse when it comes to toads or frogs.  Odd thing to be afraid of but none the less she is.   
Til' next time.

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