Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Venting etc...

Thanksgiving here and gone. We had a wonderful meal with my parents even though it was an hour late. Oh well at least we were together and ate delicious food and too much of it.

Hubby was home all weekend. He pulled a muscle in his back at work so it was a VERY laid back weekend with lots of rest for him. I understand that when you are in pain, it's hard to be who you normally are and can be crabby, cranky, bitchy, needy, snippy, argumentative, take things the wrong way, etc... And he was all of that plus some. He was still like that last night. He tried apologizing to me and asked me to tell the girls he was sorry. I am hear to tell you it wasn't accepted too warmly after the 4 days of him being, ok, let's just say it a Butt*&%@!!! Don't get me wrong we love him more than anything in this world, the past 5 days have not been the greatest for us here. Normally when he's home it's happy and busy and filled with lots of love. He truly is a good, honest, giving, hard working, hard loving man, that normally has a soft spot for all of us girls he loves. Our bear was just not himself this trip home. Bear travels all over the U.S. for his job. He is a superintendent who works on Industrial chimney's for one of the largest company's in the world. A dangerous, mentally and physically demanding job. He works hard everyday and it shows when he gets hurt as he is not getting any younger or the fact he's been doing this job for over 30 years. He doesn't like leaving us and our new home to go to work which adds to his dismay. I truly understand all of the feelings he has, still doesn't make me or the girls like it when he acts like that.
Alright I vented not sure if I feel better or not.
Our tree is up, tallest tree I have ever had. Looks beautiful and adds a warm glow in the house on cold nights. Mare Bear and Pixie even put mini trees in their rooms this year with mini ornaments and lights and beaded garland. They were so proud of their creativity and I have to say I am too. We have snow on the ground once again this morning and the roads were like an iceskating rink. Our bus was 20 minutes late, good thing it wasn't too cold out there waiting. Girls were running around playing to keep warm. There is something about a dusting of snow that makes children light up.
Kayla is gearing up for finals for the 1st semester. She had a 6 page paper to do for English, received a 195/200!!!! Just got a call from her, A on Biology lab final!!She never ceases to amaze me!! Go Kayla Go!!!! I am so proud of her with all of her accomplishments. Four and one half years ago, where we were this would not have been possible.
When I stop to think about how our life is now and how much it's changed I am in aw! For some reason I have blocked out most of the time before 4 1/2 years ago. There were good memories in there somewhere. We have been so busy living life and making new memories and traveling. Love this life I have been given. Thankful? What do you think? Yes I am thankful for every moment, even the not so good ones.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Anyone want to do my Christmas shopping? I am a scrooge when it comes to shopping no matter what time of year it is.
No pictures this time, my camera for some reason has decided it will consistently take blurry out of focus pictures. It's making me insane. Normally my point and shoot, Kodak camera takes wonderfully clear shots, what is up with that? Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday - that's coming up faster than I'd like - and I replied "nothing". That changed this morning while trying to take pictures of the girls in their new hats! Sent him a text message telling him, I give up my "nothing" reply, has turned into an I want a new camera!!! It won't be the one I really want since I am too much of a penny pincher to spend that kind of money for something like that. It's not a necessity , it's a want and to me there is a HUGE difference. If it's a need that costs big bucks then I hesitate less, if it's just a want then I usually won't spend a lot unless it's something for someone else. We never take anything for granted and just like most people in America live pay check to pay check so when bear gets laid off we are hard up for cash to say the least. Not savers at all, we live for the moment which catches in a pickle every time! Darn it anyway. Some day I hope it will be different.
Well I have lots to do today and sitting here rambling on isn't getting them done. Til next time...

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