Thursday, December 3, 2009

CRIME, Who gets paid for it?

Hmm....Who said crime doesn't pay?
Ask the crack heads that broke into my husbands truck last night!!!!
You go to bed thinking the locked truck you park outside is just fine.
Wake up to find the back window shattered and everything scattered!!!
You try to think of everything you normally keep in your truck so you can tell the
police when they arrive. But wait, when you call them, they tell you they're not coming?!?!
Which adds to your dismay. Go inside to talk to the hotel manager on duty, they tell you it's your own fault for parking there????
Go back out, check over your truck, find blood all over the back window and seat. Don't touch it, don't know what the doper has for diseases!! Your GPS is gone with home address in there, Cd's are gone, Binoculars gone! Not sure what else is missing cuz you don't have time to think, you have to go to work!! All for what, so they can go get high???? Addiction is so powerful, it can take a good person and change them into someone they would never be otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lived with one for many years, I know what it does. It destroys not only the person but everyone around them!!! They will do anything to get that high feeling, even loose everything they have, steal, lie cheat just to get high or drunk! Alcohol is no better!!!
My little Yooper girls want to get their friends together, gather up shot guns and go take care of those crack heads, Yooper style!!!! What little minds think at times like this. Mare Bear had a thought, they have the GPS that has out address in there, what happens if they come and break into my truck or our house??? They have the directions right to our home!!!!
Not likely they will show up here as they were most likely just looking for something to sell so they could get their fix!!
It's a bad world out there, not one I want my girls to ever know about! Too bad we can't put them in a bubble and keep them safe from everything!!!
What a way to start the day! My poor Bear works hard to get the things he wants and needs and this is what happens to honest hard working people!!!!
Til' next time

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