Friday, December 4, 2009

My Man

My Bear never seems to listen when I tell him, I don't want anything for my birthday or a holiday. Especially this year, we got our home for Pete's sake. Anyhow, Bear sent me his camera to replace mine (the one that decided to die just before Christmas). Along with a card, 2 SD cards and bottle of Beautiful (my perfume). He always finds a way around it. As in giving the girls money to go buy Mom a present or just having stuff shipped to the house. He's good at it you see, he has to be in order to get it by me! Would I change it? No, it adds to our playful side.
Of course the card made me cry, tears of love and happiness for the simple fact I love this man and he loves me with all of his heart. Ever hear of love at first sight? How about finding your soul mate? One true love? We fell in love the first time we met, knew in an instant he was the one for me. Some kind of strange feeling came over me, like a sign, a my neck is tingling hot and I have to walk away sign. Thought to myself, "What was that?!". His voice, his eyes, his aura, leather hat, denim shirt, and wrangler jeans. Oh let's not forget the one in a million smile, or the butt! Saw that as he was walking out the door, hoping he would come back soon, maybe the next night I worked. Sorry but it's true, I looked and I liked.
Everything was right!! I fell in love with a construction worker. Hard working, honest, good, true to his word, and good looking to boot. I wondered what would he see in me, a single Mom with 3 of my four kids to support, bar tending in a private club(not the naughty kind either)? I worked hard and loved my job and took care of my children, teaching them right from wrong and that without an education you won't get far. All of a sudden this tornado hit and turned our lives upside down and inside out. Tornado being Bear coming into our lives and staying, never fearing my independence or my children. Here's a single man with no kids of his own and he wants to see me?? What is wrong with this?? Nothing as I found out a little later. He always wanted to "help" me he would say, that was his way and still is his way of getting away with buying/giving me things I need or want. He has been there steady and true, through think and thin, good~bad~and ugly, with open loving arms for 3 years 5 months. Time has flown by, seems like yesterday he was meeting my little girls for the first time at the laundry mat (my dryer died). By the way shortly after that, he bought me a new dryer. This is a man I barely knew buying me a dryer, because I needed it, couldn't afford it and going to the laundry mat was eating up all the food and bill money. He knew this and took it upon himself to buy it, and come out to install it. What a man, telling you he is a good man isn't enough, he's mine though and I love him with all my heart. Over 3 years and we are still in love like we were when we first met. Sure we have our days where we might not like each other a whole bunch but we still love each other with everything we have! Communication and trust are 2 major components of our relationship, the rest falls into place. We were married just under 1 year ago. Poor bear had to wait until I was ready to take the plunge again. I knew he was the right man but being stubborn old me, I had to make sure we were both ready for this new chapter in our lives. Bear even asked the girls if he could marry me, how sweet is that? All 3 of course said yes and me too! Where has all the time gone? Now we have moved to da U.P. eh, started yet another chapter in our book that will I'm sure go by so fast we won't know what hit us. I guess that's what happens when you are struck by a tornado as strong and loving as our Bear! I love my true love, soul mate, best friend, Bear!!
Til next time..

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  1. Awww, I am so happy for you! I kept smiling the whole time I read this. You deserve the life you have and to have someone you love and returns that love right back to you.
    How sweet he bought you a camera!
    Hope you have a great birthday on Sunday!