Wednesday, December 2, 2009


December 1st already! Where did the rest of the year go? Seems to have flown by like there is no tomorrow. Our year has been filled with so many exciting things. Girls(first time on a plane) and I flew to Arizona in the Spring. Poor little Pixie, thought she was going to have heart failure, she is deathly afraid of heights. She was a trooper though, plugged along with tear filled eyes as we got on planes to reach our destination. Last flight back to Detroit was a night flight where you can look out to see the city lights, all she kept saying "Mom it's so beautiful and peaceful, we can only fly at night the next time!". Before that flight she said she was never flying again!! Ever look into an 8 year olds teared up eyes and tell them they have to do something you know they don't want to do? It's just about as hard as delivering them! Mare Bear loved the flying and the whole adventure. There were so many new and different things to see and we didn't see a 1/4 of what I had planned.
We paid off our property in the U.P. in May and decided that we were ready for the big move from Trollville to Heaven. Looked at a place in June and started the whole process of getting the mortgage and house and everything that goes with it. Took many trips back and forth and finally had our home ready to move into Labor Day weekend. Our home is beautiful!!
August we moved our oldest out for 1 month and then she moved to Grandma's for what I think will only be a year. We will see. She is in her second year of college at a community college and looking to go to a big university to finish her schooling.
September 8th Mare Bear and Pixie started school at a brand new school! They joined Girl Scouts, mini cheer camp, and scrapbooking. They both have made friends quickly and love school, in fact they are on the A/B Honor Roll!
We have had so many visitors to our new home. Friends and family all agree we have a beautiful home. Only made one trip back to Trollville.
Now it's December, wow! Our slice of Heaven is decorated with lights and trees and ribbons. The prettiest time of year and my camera decides it doesn't want to work!! UGH!!! Haven't done a lick of shopping and don't really want to! I love this time of year but I am not a shopper, not one little bit! This month is filled to the brim with activities, family and fun! Little girls have their Thursday's full of scrapbooking and Girl Scouts, weekends are filled with shopping, wrapping and making gifts. This week add on a Christmas parade the girls are in for GS!! For me there is the same on the weekends, add cooking and baking to the list too. Besides Christmas there is my birthday, Anniversary and maybe a trip or 2, then January is right around the corner. Oh and not to mention that the girls will be on winter break for 16 DAYS!!!! What am I going to do with them for that many days?? Go crazy comes to mind. I will keep the busy, and maybe just maybe they will help me clean house! Ha who I am kidding?
Anyway, I hope your holiday season is filled with, family, friends, love and laughter.
Til' next time...

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