Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What to write about?

I've been here several times in the past week, wanting to write about so many different subjects.  Most of them are about my crazy horses, children, hubby and just life here.  Others about what's coming up in the next few weeks.
I guess I could just ramble on about it all.
Good thing for us, the logger is here!  He started Monday morning with the select cutting.  It looks good to me.  The test will be when the Big D gets home!  He knows every inch of our property much better than I do.  As in all the trees and where they are and where all of the property lines are.  Me?  Not so much, heck I get turned around in the back yard.  Not really but pretty close!  Mare Bear and I took out the snowshoes to go mark the trees that hold the all precious bow stands, and The Tree, the hunting hut, etc.  She knows how to get to these places better than I.  Guess the adult ADD thing is still there, dang!  The Tree is a birch tree that we have been writing on since our first trip up here when it was just hunting land with an old shack of a trailer that served as camp.  Rustic?  Yea!  Holes in the floor?  Oh yes, watch where you step!  Good times and warmth when you need it?  YES!  We had a lot of fun!  So The Tree must be saved!  My little tree hugger Pixie is having issues with the trees being cut.  She's not really too much of a tree hugger but part of her is.  You'd have to meet her to understand.  Ok, she's a redhead!  Does that help??? She's eclectic!  Does that tell you more?  I love her and wouldn't change her for anything!  Her sisters however might want to trade her for a little more normal sister.  I keep telling them, everyone is different and no one can be perfect like you two!  Sisters!  Sometimes I feel I've missed out on the bond they share and other times I'm so thankful I never had the privilege of having a sister!!!!
Rambling enough for you?  Kind of hard to stay on subject but it adds a little for you to read.
To finish up about the logger, he's select cutting most of the property.  There will be an area of clear cutting, about 4 acres.  For what you might ask?  More pasture for the horses.  Which means, more horses too in the spring!  Wahoo!!! Two more.  Not sure if they will be mares or geldings or what breed if any.  Might get another mixed, younger or older.  Who knows.  I would love a paint and the hubby would love a buckskin.  We'll see.  Also in the spring we will get the girls their long awaited lab pups!  Yikes! If I'm not crazy now, I will be by the time they are 3 months old!
Horses.  My favorite subject to write about besides my kiddo's an life here at Heaven.  Gemini and I finally have to come to an understanding, I'm the boss and he's NOT!  Few sailor talks (Thanks for the suggestion Amy) and he listens pretty well now.  He understands that if he goes to bite me, he's getting a swat!  Make him think that I am going to kill him (Thanks Buck) even though I'm not and he got the picture.  He now knows that all redhead's rule the pasture and he's not one of them!  Lokey well she's such a sweety that's all I can say about her.  I've been out with them and making them move in the paddock.  She's willing to move out when asked, Gemini, ummm slow poke!  With encouragement he's moving!  Lokey must have a higher tail set then Gemini or she's has Arabian in her.  She holds her tail up while running, it's beautiful!  Love to watch her run!  I know I keep repeating this but when we brought her here in November, she was hardly able to walk.  She would walk, but the pain must have been terrible.  Now we see her running, kicking up her heals, playing with Gemini and loving life!  She's still miss mellow and loves attention but you can tell she feels better.  Gemini is smooth and graceful when he runs at his much slower pace than Lokey.  He has longer legs than she does and should be able to out run her with no problem.  Maybe he lets her think she's winning the race?  Or it's her want and need to be first that makes her run faster?  Whatever it is, I love it!! I love spending time with them.  When I don't get time with them, I miss them.  Even though they are right outside where I can see them.  I need to smell their smell, touch their soft muzzle, pet them and talk to them.. They have done this woman a world of good.  I never thought I'd have horses of my own, turned 40 and now have two!  I want more! he he he.
The girls!  Well they have been busy making Mema nuts!  Not really, some days yes and some days no.  Some days I wonder what happens to them, do they switch bodies at night?  There are some days when I would swear that's what's happened.  M Bear is usually miss mellow and good grades and nice.  Then something or someone takes over her body and she's this hyper, mean little girl that doesn't want to listen or do anything I ask of her.  She's not able to focus on anything or anyone.  Kind of like she turns into her sister.  Her sister isn't always mean it's that she's more likely to be mean  than M Bear is.  Pixie is like I said, a redhead!  Need I say more?  She's the one that's all over the place and can't focus, bounces off the walls.  Both are good kids and are their own person, and true to their values.  They are just different.  D Bear and I started an ice rink in the back yard for them to skate on.  They love it!  Winter is M Bear's season.  She loves to be outside.  Pix will go out for a little while but likes Fall and Spring better.  They like Summer but it's too hot!
Big D is coming home from this last job.  Not sure how long he will be here for.  He's hoping for a long time but knows he has to work to keep things going around here.  If we could afford for him to retire, he'd be done tomorrow.  He has a list a mile long of things he wants to accomplish while he's home.  Finish the overhead of the stalls for storage.  No hay up there, too much of a fire hazard.  Also needs to wire it for lights and outlets.  Wahoo, I'll be able to see better when we clean stalls.  Also has to put something along the back wall so that Mr. Gem won't be able to beat on the back door!!!!  He has too many things to do and I am in hopes that he will be able to do some of them and go ice fishing.  I could go for a big plate of fresh fish!  Yummy!!
So  I will leave you for now and hope to get back into writing on a more regular basis, if I'm not recruited to work with Big D Man!  Hope you are staying warm and enjoying winter.


  1. Glad to hear you've got Gemini's bad behavior under control.

    Oh,and I recommend a Buckskin Quarter Horse. Although I might be a bit biased.

  2. It's ok to be biased Buck. Buckskins are beautiful! All horses are beautiful to me. I'm biased for a paint. I will get one some day. Has to be the right horse for me. :)