Thursday, January 20, 2011


Normally I don't like to complain.  Usually I wouldn't say anything at all and I would just let it go!  Well I can stay silent no longer! 
We've had some problems with our bus driver(s) that pick up and drop off my girls for school.
Some days he just doesn't even stop to pick them up!  I mean not even so much as a slow down!  I called the superintendent of our school the 2nd time in one week that the driver went flying by my girls as they are standing out there waiting for the bus!  They were out there with lights on and waving their arms as the bus went right on by them!  Umm, can't see?  Can't remember to stop at the same stop everyday?  What is it?  Kids on the bus distracting you?  Problem solved, stop the bus and tell the little brat to sit down and shut up or they will have to walk to school!!!
Everyday the girls are out there waiting for the bus by 7:35 am.  The bus doesn't get here until 7:45 or later.  Today however the bus was here at 7:35, and the girls were not ready to go out!!  The bus actually stopped which is great but he was at least 10 minutes early!!  He was out honking his horn so I ran out in my slippers, no jacket on to wave him on!  Talk about frustrating!  Tomorrow morning we will go out in the truck and be out there at 7:30 am and see just what time he decides to show up!  I will go over to the bus and have a little chit chat with the driver!  He might be late for his next stop but I don't care!  I can see the time fluctuating 5 minutes either way but this is getting ridiculous, we never know when he will be here or if he's going to stop! 
Sorry this was a gripe session but I just don't know what to do.  If the chit chat doesn't work well then I will go back to the superintendent.  Their job is to get the kids to and from school safe and in a timely manner and to give them an education.  Is it asking too much to have the bus here everyday around the same time?????
Thanks for listening/reading.
Sweet P

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