Thursday, January 27, 2011

Animals are funny!

I was out with my lovely critters yesterday.  Oh my, they are so much fun!
Gemini was just a love!  He wanted all of the attention.
Miss Lokey was absolutely jealous of the affection he was getting.
She came up, put her nose in his butt, telling him to get away from her Mom!
He backed up with his ears pinned as if he were going to kick her.  Lokey being miss mellow
backed off.  She came back for more.  This time she went up to his neck as if she
were going to bite.  Right up in his face and making her I'm a mare winnie, kicked up her
front leg towards him.  Gemini put his head down as she was looking at me.  I
can't tell if she's looking at me as if to say "Stay away from my boyfriend!!!" or "See Mom I made him leave you alone!".  Or could it be that she was telling him "That's my Mom, I was here first and I get all the attention, Not you! Got It?!!" ?  They are funny animals and I love them.
I went out this morning to put them out.  Gemini was his normal crabby self.  He's not a morning horse!  He wants out first and lets me know it by kicking his stall gate.  Impatient big butthead!  Lokey is the slowpoke at getting out the door every morning.  I swear she does it on purpose just to make Gem angry!  
That's my morning with them.  We'll see what the afternoon visit brings.
Have a nice day!

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