Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring has finally sprung here! I think?

There have been some signs of Spring here at heaven.  A hummingbird nearly took out my head in search of it's nectar.  I usually have it out when I hear the geese made their way home but have been a little pre-occupied with puppies.  Anyhow, the hummingbirds have their nectar out once again, hungry little buggers.  The cardinals didn't leave but the males have gone back to thinking they are the most beautiful creatures on earth.  They are a brilliant red, and they know it.  The males go to my truck mirrors to look at themselves.  I have proof, the mirror is a mess, all pecked up and scratched!  Crazy birds.  The gold finches are here.  Their gorgeous shade of yellow sure catches your eye.  We also have purple finches.  I have noticed 2 sets of the rose breasted Grosbeak.  My personal favorite, the Indigo Bunting!  I noticed 2 males! Wahoo! Of course we have chickadee's, brown headed cow birds, blue jays, Dark Eyed Junco's, nut hatches, and several different wood peckers.  Oh Robin's too.  Waiting for the wax wings and oriole's to make their appearance. 
What types of birds do you get where  you live?  It's so good to hear all of the different noises outside.
The puppies are growing so fast.  Miss Maggie is 21 lbs.  Miss Midnight is 20 lbs.  They are learning and so am I.  I'm the one they spend the most time with for now.  When the kids come home from school, they are on puppy duty since I need to do some things without pups under my feet.  Maggie likes to be right on my heals when we go for walks.  It's good she stays close but I'm afraid it's a little too close and she may get hurt.  Midnight is always close by and wanting to please me.  We are making progress on their boundaries, and to come when called.  Potty training? Well it's a work in progress.  They are working on making me progress from slightly crazy to maxed out nutcase!  We will get it, sure would be helpful if they weren't water dogs.  The weather could cooperate a little too.  Things are quite wet around here which means, they can find water whenever they want it.  In turn that means they have to go all the time!!!!
The vet made a trip here which was a little expensive but I expected it.  The horses needed their spring vaccines and their teeth floated.  We found out that Gemini/Black Jack doesn't need as much tranquilizer.  Poor guy was really dopey.  I had to prop his head up for the vet to do his teeth.  When she finished, he was not sure if he wanted to stand up, lay down or somewhere in between.  He weebled, and wobbled and almost went down.  He had his head hanging pretty low for a while.  I kept checking on them for the next few hours making sure they were ok. Mr. had me pretty worried but he was just fine.  They were not themselves for the rest of the day.  Poor babies.  Hope the weather breaks for an opportunity to ride soon.
Track is  almost finished for the year as well as school.  Wow! Where did the time go?!  I have most of the flowers for the summer but can't plant them until the danger of frost is gone.
What's happening in your neck of the woods?

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