Monday, May 9, 2011


Holy Moly!  I didn't realize that things would be so crazy adding 2 puppies to our family here in heaven!
Last week we brought our puppies home, D Bear got home, we had a track meet, track practice, and then another track meet!  Oh add the horses in there too.  I will have to learn how to balance everything once again. 
Potty training is going and that's about it!  It will take some time to get that down.  The crazy little critters are learning their boundaries.  Oh what a chore that is.  Momma kitty that someone was so kind to drop off, had 5 kittens!! Yes 5!!!  I'm not much of a cat person.  I'm slightly allergic to them.  So add her in the mix with puppies, and you have trouble!  She runs away from them towards the road, into the thickest brush she can find!!  Wah!
Our whole routine has been flipped upside down and inside out but we will get use to this too!
Horses are doing wonderful.  Hope to ride again soon.  I will have to make time for both of them.  I wish there was a way for me to ride both of them.  Any idea's?  I did ride Loki about 2 weeks ago.  She's such a good girl.  We lunged them yesterday.  I love to watch them move.  So graceful.  Loki runs with all her heart, going as hard as she can.  Black Jack just runs a steady pace.  He's getting less trippy the more we work him.  He's my next ride when I get the chance.  I'm hoping for him to be a good boy.  Hoping to not get thrown?!
Mother's Day was a gorgeous day here.  Sun was shining all day.  We spent the day together.  D Bear had to go back to work.  We went shopping at a local greenhouse.  Can anyone say flower power?!  Girls and I picked out many, many flowers. D Bear wanted apple trees, we bought a yellow transparent and a macintosh.  Also bought two Lilac Bushes.  Wahoo!  I will be busy in about 2 weeks once there is no chance of frost.
So there is a sliver of what's been going on in our hectic lives.  Hope you all have a wonderful day, week, month.  Never know when I will have the time to sit and write some more.

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