Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silliness and Beauty

I've been out looking at different horses and their babies from different owners.
Today we had another "LOOKING" visit.
Look at that sweet little face.  She's about 3 weeks old. Fell in love with her today!  What a little sweetie. He coloring is perfect.  She is a paint/clydesdale cross.  She will be big and beautiful and she has a pink lip just like Loci!! Wow, she will fit right in. :)
This is her Daddy, Thunder.  You wouldn't know he is a stud other than the obvious.  Big and beautiful lover boy.
This little sweetheart is July.  She's an Appy as if you can't tell from all her spots.  She found a new love today. Me. :)  Her owner was amazed that she was so lovey on me since she is not normally like that with women?  Hmm must have been something she liked about me.  She's a lover that's for sure. I'm not usually and Appy lover but this one, I just loved her markings and personality.

The girls wanted to go see our big babies when we got home.  Mr. Black Jack is most certainly my horse because I'm the one that has taken the time to bond with him.  But he was willing to play along with the girls silliness tonight. 

These girls don't know how lucky they are to have two animals that are so mellow.

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