Monday, June 20, 2011

Interesting Monday Morning

Well I got up early to let the pups out as I normally do.  Let them do their business and put them in the outdoor kennel.  Then I went back to bed.  The pups woke me up a couple hours later by barking?!  They never bark.  I guess I should have gotten my lazy butt out of bed right then.  I laid there for a while longer just because I could.  Finally got up, made coffee, got the first cup, said good morning to Mare Bear.  That's where my normal Monday morning ended!!
I went out the door to get the pups out of their kennel and then take hay out to the horses.  I reached the top step and looked up.  There were two steers looking up at me!!! I took a step back and asked them what the heck they were doing here?! As if they could answer, right?!  Wow!!  What am I suppose to do?  Call the police, the county we live in, the police station is about 50 miles from me!!!  It wasn't an emergency, so I poked my head back in the door for my camera. M Bear got it and came out to see what was out there.  She was in shock, went back in to wake up lil Pixie.  They wanted to feed them and pet them, treat them as they would their pups.  Umm, 500lb pups?! ha ha ha. After we took some pictures, I decided to get them some hay along with taking hay out to the horses.  Poor little pups were in their kennel wondering what those big black things were and if they were going to eat them. 
I know you can only see one head but see the nose down by the ground?  That's the  camera shy Jimmy.  Zeke is the one posing for the camera.
This is Jimmy.  He was playing hard to get with the camera and when the owners came to get them!! 

Theses two were so much fun!  Not what I was expecting to be outside in the morning. 

Oh well, it's life in rural Upper Michigan, you never know what will be outside your door when you get up.


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