Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fall has arrived in all it's splendor.  This is my favorite time of year to live in Michigan.  All the vibrant colors and crisp breeze make me love where we live.  In the winter when we are fighting snow and bitter temps I will be questioning why we live in Northern Michigan.  For now I will enjoy the sun on my face when the temp is low, and the beauty all around me.  The animals are starting to come back in looking for some corn to warm up.  More deer, rabbits, raccoons, and blue jays.  Oh my do we have a flock of blue jays!  Must be about two dozen of those squawking, brilliantly colored birds.  One of the things I love about where we live is, I can go out on our deck (in my pj's if I so desire) enjoy a cup of hot coffee and listen to the animals. Some mornings I want to go right back into the house, why, because of those noisy stinkin' jays that's why!  Yelling at them to shut up, I think only makes them more likely to screech!  Yes, I yell at the birds and other back yard critters.  Except for my bears, they could eat me!  Speaking of the bears, they haven't returned as of yet.  I think the big Daddy knows I have a bear permit and a gun!  Hoping they will come back, we love to watch them.  It is bear season up here and we have heard a lot of shots going off around us.  I'm not sure what caliber they are I just know it's coming from a gun.  Darn neighbors better not be shooting my bears, that's up to me!

The geese have begun their journey south for the winter.  There have been many flocks flying overhead.  I know they have a built in homing device that tells them where their winter home is but, I have wondered how they really know.  Once the geese leave that means the tiny hummingbirds are gone too.  We have enjoyed watching them come to the feeders and flowers, beating their wings at speeds so fast we can't seem them flap!  Once you start feeding them, make sure their is always food.  I learned that quickly as they will buzz right up to your face!  Almost like, " Hey lady, where's my food?"!  When they do fly up, it's not  leisurely, it's at top speed!  There was a female that flew up about 10 inches from my face, stopped in mid flight and just looked at me and went back up to her feeding.  Amazing little creatures.

The girls and I have been busy decorating the fence for fall.  My hubby still thinks it an ugly sight!  Not sure why, so many people have complimented us on it.  I love it!!  It fits in with where we live.  We don't live in town where a white picket fence would be appropriate, we live 18 miles from a large town, out in the woods.  Our road is paved and a cut across for many trucks so it's not a two track out in the middle of the forest.  It's rural Michigan for Pete sake!  Anyhow, we went to one of our local corn mazes again this year.  As always, it's beautiful and a fun time!  Girls had a great time jumping hay bails. (makes me want our farm to get going sooner rather than later)  I go for the great photo opps and the girls go for the fun.  They have added a few things this year, like a huge slide!  I think that the girls would go there just for the slide and I for the hay ride. 
I hope to take a trip up the northern shore before the colors are all but gone.  If we get the opportunity, I will post pictures.  I haven't been up there since I was a young girl.  Around the same age that I would have been to Copper Harbor as well.  Seems like ions ago.    For now I will take in the beauty created around home and keep it in my memory and the hard drive on the computer, and patiently wait for next years vibrant colors to emerge.
Enjoy your day, and please take a moment to look around you.
Til' next time...

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