Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dirt, Fingerprints and Sunshine

What is up with this crazy weather? It’s wreaking havoc with my girls normally healthy life. They both came down with some kind of viral sinus infection. UGH! Each of them missed 2 days of school. All better now and back to school. Our Big Bear came home this past weekend. It was a much needed family time even though it seems to have went by way too quickly. His own to do list while home keeps growing, as he makes sure his honey do list is done, since he doesn’t want to be on Momma’s list. We were able to get our kitchen appliances and a new bed! Wow a brand new electric range, micro/hood and a dishwasher! No more guessing what temp the oven is on which in turn means no more burned food unless I fail to set the timer. Also no more dishpan hands for this Momma. And when the day is done I get to lay down in a new comfy bed! Everything new, not old or hand me downs. I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the things I have had , I am grateful for them too, but new things that don’t require too much maintenance I am truly grateful for. It was great to have our family together even if for a short time. Missed our oldest but I guess that’s what happens when they grow up. Hubby was able to have 3 home cooked dinners and breakfast too, he misses them so much. To us, it’s a treat to eat out and while he’s home that’s the last thing he wants is to eat out. We had more visitors here in Heaven. Our neighbors from Cathro came up to hand deliver the girls Halloween candy. It was a surprise to the girls since they had no idea they were coming. They arrived and I snuck them in the back door while the girls were occupied with other things. The looks on their faces when they realized I had someone with me was absolutely priceless!! Our guests only spent the day but promised next time they would have sitters for their 4 horses, 2 dogs and 4 cats. What a wonderful visit we had, although it was much too wet and mucky to show them around our property. Not sure how safe that would be as we have found out the bear is a Momma (Sow) with 2 cubs. They are so beautiful. The girls had an awesome time cheering with the Varsity cheerleaders last week. The weather was terrible, wind, pouring rain, but, they all were smiling through their frozen little lips. We left the game early, frozen and girls soaking wet. Why were they soaked you ask, well they didn’t listen to the Momma when she told them to put on their rain poncho’s. Their reply to that is, you can’t look good cheering with a rain poncho on! Home we went to dry clothes, warm blankets and Hot Cocoa. What a great school to attend!! They offer quite a bit of different things to children of all ages. The World Champion Youth archer attends their school, eighth grade student competed with 600 other kids to take the win, how cool is that? Our Varsity team made it to the playoffs and first game is home! Wahoo!! Girls will be sporting their gold sweatshirts Friday to show support for the team. We have a very special visitor coming this weekend, the oldest daughter, the big sister, the 2nd Mom, the smart college student! So I will be busy baking and cooking all of her requested foods. Even though I long to be outside while the weather is finally giving me a break from the gray skies and rain that have plagued us all of October, I will cook for my baby. Speaking of which the sun shone through the door yesterday showing some billion (looked like that many) little fingerprints that I hated to clean off since they are only little for so long. Oldest baby is proof of that, where did the years go? She has grown into a beautiful young lady, Love her and Miss her terribly but I know she is doing what she has to do. She is attending college, living with my parents, working and dating a great young man. She is doing all the things I hoped she would do as well as all the things I didn’t get to do. Hubby often asked me, “Why do you push her so much?”, the answer to that is I want her to have the opportunities I didn’t have because of the choices I made. We will eat, go to the game, come home, eat and warm up. Saturday is Halloween and everyone is going trick or treating, yeah!! We have a carnival afterwards and then Kayla and her boyfriend are going to a concert, she will finally get to use her birthday present. Sunday will be a sad day, she has to go back down state. At least she won’t be alone for the long trip back home. Hope to get back down there some day. It’s so hard for me to leave Heaven where we are happy, relaxed and content, to go down where we are stressed, worried and tense. We are getting more critters coming in to eat the corn. Mar Bear and Pixie have a daily routine of throwing out 5 apples for their deer. We all enjoy watching them and how they all have their own personality. Some of the animals aren’t too welcome around here, like the coons and possums. The coons yes are cute but they get into everything and are very destructive. The possums are just oversized rats, sorry they aren’t cute at all.
Almost forgot, 3rd time was the charm for our snackbar to be installed!! Wahoo!! We have lots more room to use for baking and making things. With the fall back time change coming upon us, I am finding it harder to get out of bed right along with Pixie and Mar Bear. The missed the bus once this week and almost missed today, UGH! What to do, what to do when the comfy bed calls you! Have to get up earlier is how to solve the problem. We live in Central time zone but go by Eastern time, don’t ask me why, I don’t know the answer. Part of me thinks that’s why we are having a hard time getting up. Who knows?!
Hopefully I will get back to blogging more consistently, I have been feeling less than creative while we had all the gray and rain surrounding us. I was finally able to get a load of dirt hauled in to make it possible for me to get some of my plants in the ground that have been sitting in buckets, bags or whatever they could fit in, since the move. I think I may have lost some of them but still have plenty to plant to keep my Grandmothers plants going in yet another place. They have moved from Farmington to Long Rapids, from Long Rapids to Cathro, from Cathro to Sweetpea’s Heaven. I hope they survive the move and blossom in the Spring.
Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans may be. :)

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